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100 Summer Activities on a Dime

Family summer activity on the beach

We all know that summer is a fun time to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. Our kids love to keep busy but sometimes the ordinary events they once loved to do leave them bored. I have scoured the internet to find 100 things you can do this summer to bring fun and excitement to your kids. There is something for everyone and best of all they are all inexpensive or free. Check it out.


This summer all you have to do is pull out this list or create your very own summer bucket list. But before we get to the list, look at these 3 stories that also talk about summer activities, benefits of taking a summer vacation and cool things you can do at the library.

101 Free Active Things To Do With the Kids During The Summer To Entertain You Both - eMaxHealth reporter Danyel Mira Brisk suggests to try these activities out, see what works for your family. Share your favorite kids activities with us below.

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15 Things You Can Do At The Library You Won’t Want to Miss - Whether you go to the library daily or don't have a library card yet, you will be amazed at the variety of things you can do, for free, at your public library. There are more resources than you can imagine waiting there for you to take advantage of them. If you need extra inspiration this Summer, why not use your local library as the jumping off point. Go check it out.

5 Health Benefits of Taking a Summer Vacation - As a kid, we all took a three-month long vacation from school during the summer, writes Denise Reynolds. Although the practice originally started because of families in agriculture – farmers’ children were given the break to help parents with crops during the major growing seasons – we continue today in most schools to let the kids out for summer to give them a much-needed break from the day-to-day grind of studying.

100 activities for summer

• 1. bake cookies together
• 2. volunteer at an animal shelter
• 3. make a summer photo journal
• 4. have a luau in the backyard and invite your friends
• 5. visit the beach
• 6. collect sea shells
• 7. make a fort out of boxes
• 8. visit your local farmers market
• 9. pick fruit
• 10. make ice cream floats
• 11. go swimming
• 12. build a sand castle
• 13. have a backyard campfire
• 14. clean up trash at your neighborhood park or school
• 15. make homemade pizzas
• 16. have a spa day at home
• 17. visit the dollar store
• 18. take a bus ride
• 19. collect things found in nature
• 20. set up a lemonade stand
• 21. have water balloon fights
• 22. plan a picnic
• 23. go biking on a trail
• 24. put on a puppet show
• 25. visit the library
• 26. set up a backyard carnival
• 27. make string bead jewellery
• 28. make a hopscotch out of chalk
• 29. make bird houses out of popsicle sticks and paint it
• 30. set up your own mini golf
• 31. visit a splash pad
• 32. run through backyard sprinkler
• 33. set up a bike wash infront of your house
• 34. bake cupcakes
• 35. have a fancy tea party
• 36. make your own family cookbook
• 37. go horseback riding
• 38. camp in your backyard in a tent
• 39. visit a retirement home and read to the residents
• 40. make bird feeders using pine cones, roll them in peanut butter then in bird seed
• 41. make unusal smores
• 42. let the kids paint each other using washable tempura paint then rinse in the sprinkler
• 43. have a ball game
• 44. take a free class at rona, lowes or home depot
• 45. have a family game night
• 46. have a family movie night
• 47. make a giant slip and slide in your back yard using a tarp and shaving cream
• 48. visit a national park
• 49. make your own hard to pop bubbles using 1 cup water, 2tbsp dawn dish soap and 1 tbsp glycerin
• 50. paint rocks
• 51. make crafts out of recyclables
• 52. go to an outdoor festival or concert
• 53. visit a nearby town for a day
• 54. do each others face paint
• 55. go to garage sales
• 56. go to a thrift shop
• 57. see a movie at a drive in theatre
• 58. make jam
• 59. set up your own obstacle course
• 60. go out for ice cream
• 61. make a board game
• 62. visit a farm
• 63. see an outdoor movie
• 64. tour a fire house
• 65. go bowling
• 66. see fireworks
• 67. set up a breakfast picnic
• 68. tie dye tshirts
• 69. watch the sunrise
• 70. finger paint
• 71. learn to juggle
• 72. play charades
• 73. make a sidewallk chalk road for your bike
• 74. play frisbee
• 75. make a summer time capsule
• 76. make smoothies
• 77. create a summer journal of all your adventures
• 78. start a book club with your school friends
• 79. fly a kite
• 80. visit a construction site
• 81. play in the rain
• 82. hide and seek
• 83. visit a pet store
• 84. make paper airplanes and race them
• 85. make greeting cards
• 86. create your own sock puppet and put on a show
• 87. bake a pie together
• 88. let the kids cook dinner (with a little help)
• 89. put together a jigsaw puzzle
• 90. see if you can make your own puzzle
• 91. help an elderly neighbour with a job
• 92. play basketball
• 93. attend a vacation bible camp
• 94. paint pictures together
• 95. visit your favorite toy store
• 96. go out for a frozen slushie drink
• 97. visit an animal rescue
• 98. have a dance party in your livingroom
• 99. grow your favorite fruit and veggies
• 100. walk the neighbours dog for them