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Go Vegan for Fewer Wrinkles and Clearer Skin

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vegan diet and good skin

About a month after I decided to go vegan, within a week, I saw two non-vegan friends that I had not seen in a few months both, who both remarked about my skin, saying it looked "healthy" and "dewey".


Personally, I had not noticed a change in my skin, but I did feel healthier and more energetic. I did noticed hormonal issues seemed to lessen significantly. To me, this made sense. After all, I was no longer consuming the hormonal products of other mammals and birds. (dairy and eggs)

Plant-based diet and skin elasticity

Back to the skin, I wonder if there was some science to reveal links between a plant-based or vegan diet and skin elasticity. In my research, I discovered that there is some evidence to show that eating meat can cause an increase in wrinkles.

I did discover this study that found eating meat, especially red meat, increases inflammation in the body and leads to the break down of collagen and elastin.

Got milk? Got acne?

I struggled with acne for years and never had a clue I might have been able to clear it up on a plant-based or vegan diet. Although mine was not horrible, to some, it's an issue that causes devastation.

Is there a link between dairy, meat consumption and dairy?

“The rates of hor­monal acne I see have gone up so much,” says Miami dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy. “It’s all coming from the hormones that the animals we eat are being fed or injected with.”

If you must eat meat, go organic. It turns out the hormones in meat can cause hormononal imbalances that wreak havoc on the oil glands, causing breakouts and cystic acne.

Although meat isn't great for the skin, dairy is particularly bad.

“For a lactating cow to give its baby what it needs to grow, that milk is going to be very high in hormones,” says Jegasothy.

Dermatologist William Danby actually said this about cow’s milk “nature’s perfect food for the creation of acne.”

Researchers studied the people of Papua New Guinea and Paraguay, whose diet includes traditional, unprocessed, low fat plant-based foods, and had not a single pimple among them

Here is the conclusion they drew: "The astonishing difference in acne incidence rates between nonwesternized and fully modernized societies cannot be solely attributed to genetic differences among populations but likely results from differing environmental factors. Identification of these factors may be useful in the treatment of acne in Western populations."

If you are struggling with acne, try these vegan foods that actually will fight it off for you.

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Shocking news: Vegetables and fruits are good for the skin

Our skin, our bodies largest organ, says a lot about our health. In the UK, researchers discovered the most healthy skin has a rosy, yellowish and bright glow, that can be maintained by consuming mainly fruits and vegetables.

For glowing skin, try these amazing vegetables

Why some vegans appear unhealthy

If you have ever seen someone on a vegan diet who does not appear to be very healthy, you cannot simply chalk it down to the fact that they do not consume dairy or meat.

Bear with me for a moment. Some vegans insist that in order to call yourself a 'vegan', not only must you refrain from using animal products in every way (example: no leather boots), you must be doing it for the sole purpose of helping the animals.

Therefore, according to these people, if you do not eat animals or any foods that are animal bi-products, but your reasoning for doing this is for your health benefits, you cannot call yourself a 'vegan'. Some vegan boards or groups will ban you if they discover this. Shocking, I know.

Another case in point, is that I once made a post about how I was annoyed with hidden sugar in otherwise healthy foods, and stated that I did not like the fact that I had to read the labels on corn, coconut milk, green beans and other canned foods. The backlash was surprising. Continually, during the course of the day, because of that post, I vegans accusing me of shaming them for their food choices. Vegans, like other humans, can jump to very incorrect conclusions, like people from any other category.

I said all of that, to say this. Some vegans survive on a diet of french fries, cruelty-free cookies and vegan chocolate. Some vegans do not care about their health. If you search on Facebook, you will see various kinds of vegan groups - Fat Vegans, Junk Food Vegans etc.

I am not judging them. I am just stating the facts that one cannot make the conclusion that all vegans consume the daily requirements of fruits and vegetables and try to eat healthy.

In researching today, I even came across an article wherein a cosmetician commented about how she has seen 27 year old vegans who looked older than they should and that their skin had lost elasticity, from a lack of protein, which causes elasticity in the skin. First off, the cosmetician likely drew incorrect conclusions about what the vegans ate, and also, most certainly about protein.

Plants contain protein

It is actually a joke among vegans, that people so often ask them "But where do you get your protein"?

Fact is, plants contain protein and a lack of protein is a rare thing, unless you are in an impoverished nation. Here are just some great sources examples of good sources of proteins from plant food.

Vegans who look amazing for their age

Check out these remarkable photos of vegans, including a 79 year old body builder and a 95 year old doctor.

Are you vegan or thinking about becoming vegan? Please share your experiences or questions below.