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The Skin Benefits of Quitting Smoking for Women Day by Day

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Skin Benefits of Quitting Smoking for Women

I smoked for nearly three decades. For the first two, I had serious thoughts of quitting and even many attempts. It wasn't until I reached the last decade that I began to think about the skin benefits of quitting smoking for women. I had noticed changes in my skin, but I was never sure if they were actually changes due to having been a smoker, or just aging in general. As a smoker, I was prone to being in denial and was therefore prone to believing the latter.


Although the reason for finally quitting was mainly about health concerns, I have to say I did notice a difference in my skin afterward.

The Skin Benefits of Quitting Smoking Partially a Result of Better Sleep

I can easily remember not being able to fall asleep nearly as fast as my husband could. He would be sawing logs and I'd be wide awake. Of course, right before bed time, I would have a cigarette. Since nicotine was a stimulant, it would, logically, keep me awake. Then, in the morning, my husband would always be able to sleep in longer than I could. Again, he was peacefully at sleep while there was a battle going on in my mind. I was still tired and wanted to sleep but my addiction was telling me to get up, put on my housecoat, venture out outside, (often in the freezing cold) and get some nicotine into my body. I would then try to go back to sleep, but of course, again, with this powerful stimulant now fully engaged in my system, getting a few more zzzz's proved to be a difficult.

Today, without nicotine, I fall asleep faster and sleep in longer. We may joke about it, but beauty sleep is a real thing. The skin benefits of smoking for women, day by day, will be affected by the quality of sleep.

The Chemicals in Cigarettes

Obviously, we know that smoking is bad for you on so many levels, including your skin. All of those nasty chemicals in cigarettes - nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, mercury, lead and cadmium - obviously, can't be good. But how exactly do they affect the skin?

How Smoking Attacks Skin's Architecture and Reduces Water in Our Skin

Dr. Anatoli Freiman, from the University of Toronto, reviewed the evidence. Basically, the chemicals blocks oxygen flow to the skin and attack the skin's architecture. The fibers that allow our skin to stretch, elastin and collagen, break down. This leads to premature wrinkling. Smoking also reduces the water content in skin, making it look drier and older.

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However, the good news is that evidence that the skin benefits of quitting smoking for women do exist. It's not that the damage can be merely halted. It can also be reversed.

In this Italian study, the skin - lines, vascular and pigmentation state, elasticity, brightness and texture of women smokers were studied carefully by scientists. At the end of the nine month study, the average reduction of the skin's biological age was reduced by 13 years. That is a remarkable difference.

My Own Testimonial On The Skin Benefits of Quitting Smoking

My skin was never, ever dry. It was naturally more oily, likely due to hereditary factors. Since having quit, I noticed it seems more dewy, as opposed to oily. And dewy is certainly much better than oily. This makes sense, knowing that the water that cigarettes used to dry up, now remains on my skin.

I also think my wrinkles have been reduced and my skin looks brighter. Although they weren't measured professionally, like the women in the Italian study, I am pretty certain it's true. Likely, the vitamins and minerals that I now take through my food or through supplements, can now finally reach my skin.

Also, for at least 15 years, I had tiny spider veins. The few on my face, mostly around my nose and a few on a cheek, I used to cover with makeup. On my upper chest, these tiny veins were numerous, making it look like I had a rash. In fact, a few times, people asked me what kind of rash I had.

About a year later, the ones I had on my face, had lessened to the point where I didn't even notice them and did not use makeup on them. The ones on my chest have pretty much totally disappeared. You would have to really look hard to see anything.

It's been three years and without a doubt, I will never go back to smoking. In addition to the skin benefits of quitting smoking, the changes in my overall well-being are just too awesome.

Besides, the last thing I even want anymore is a drag off of a nasty, old cigarette.

If you are struggling with quitting smoking, as I had done for years, please read the article and get ready to change your life for the better, forever and enjoy true freedom. It's easier than you think. How To Quit Smoking Easily On Your Own With One Single Aid.