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The Amazing Butterfly Pea Flower, Used in Medicine, Cooking and Tea

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Butterfly Pea Flower

I am always amazed at the many unusual foods available from the various places around the world, and of course, how they benefit humans. From Thailand and Southeast Asia, comes the Butterfly Pea Flower, that has been used in medicine, cooking and teas for thousands of years.


I first learned of the butterfly pea flower on a vegan Facebook group, where a chef posted this photo of her beautiful dessert creation. Of course, curious people were asking all kinds of questions about it, self included. I learned some interesting things, about the butterfly pea flower and the desserts creator, Harriet Wolff. Formerly a lawyer in the Netherlands, Harriet quit her job to pursue her passion to become a Vegan Chef and is currently in South Korea, mastering Korean vegan cuisine. The pictured dessert contains a creative mix of purely vegan ingredients like lychee, cashews and coconut nectar. You can see more beautiful photos of her vegan creations here.

Harriet told me that the people from Thailand and Southeast Asia drink this colorful, beautiful tea mainly for its health benefits, but also because it makes a gorgeous, natural dye for food. The tea also reacts to acidity. Using lemon juice, the shades can be varied into the pinks and purples. Clearly, this would be a fun thing for creative professional and home chefs who are catching on to its popularity. The butterfly pea flower tea or powder can be found online or at some Asian grocery stores.

The taste of the tea, was described to me, as rather bland, with no real distinct taste. Some people add lemon or sugar. Or, sometimes matcha tea is added, which is a very delicious version of green tea, and also a highly beneficial tea.

Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flower


Butterfly Pea Flower tea is a wonderful source of antioxidants, proven in this study.

Anti Aging Qualities

This study, shows that Butterfly Pea Flower has anti-glycation properties. Sugar molecules can cause glycation in older people, which causes damage to protein, causing wrinkled skin. This tea can help prevents the damage. Read more about other ways to combat glycation.

Help With Diabetes

The above study also shows that there may be some promising effects for AGE-mediated diabetic complications.

Anti Inflamatory

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If you are in pain or have inflammatory issues, perhaps Butterfly Pea Flower might help, based on information discovered in this study.

Improves Vitality and Energy

Have some tea to beat that sluggish or fatigued feeling. See the full study here.

Pain Relieving Qualities

The above study also contains information about the pain relieving qualities of the Butterfly Pea Flower.

Cancer Fighting Properties

Very few plants contain cyclotides, which are peptides with anti-tumor properties, killing cancer cells by penetrating the cell membrane. The Butterfly Pea Flower is one of the plants that contains this highly beneficial peptide. In this study from China, the Butterfly Pea Flower was discovered to be highly effective in fighting some lung cancer cell lines.

Boost Memory and Brain Power

Other studies have shown that a powder made from the ground-up leaves of the butterfly pea can enhance memory and brain power.

Other Possibilities Improves Eye Problems, Stimulates Hair Growth, Prevents Gray Hair,

Although I could find no studies to prove these claims, ancient beliefs passed down where the beautiful plant grow, believe that that the root of this beautiful flower improves ailments of the eye, and that the tea can help stimulate hair growth, as well as preventing gray hair. Some also use it as a natural hair dye.

Are you intrigued enough to go out and find some butterfly pea tea or powder? Do you already have experience using this intriguing flower? Please share with us.

Are you as fascinated as I am with all of these powerful, natural foods that heal and cure? Do you wonder why we rely so heavily on pharmaceuticals when we can treat or prevent illness or disease with natural methods that have no ill side effects?