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How to Quit Smoking On Your Own Easily With One Single Aid

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It's been three years since I smoked my last cigarette and how I quit smoking easily on my own with a single activity - reading.


Except for the cravings in the first month, the journey has actually been an enjoyable one. The freedom I've gained is exhilarating. My confidence is at an all time high.

I have to give the most credit for my success to Allen Carr's book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.
Ellen Degeneres said "Everyone who reads this book quits, and I quit too". I actually read it three times over the course of three years. I was a tough case. Or perhaps a slow learner.

Multiple Failed Attempts to Quit Smoking On My Own

Like most ex-smokers, I had quite a few unsuccessful attempts. My failed attempts always hinged on the thoughts that I would dearly miss my beloved cigarettes and on the lie that I could have just one - just one, once in a while.

However, each time I read the book, I realized that my thinking was faulty. Each time I read the book, the truth of what I was reading sunk deeper and deeper into my psyche, slowly but surely convincing me that smoking did absolutely nothing good for me, and indeed was nothing but a burden to my well-being - not just physically but mentally as well. I discovered that I could stop smoking on my own very easily by changing the way I thought about smoking.

Celebrities Have Quit Smoking Easily on Their Own

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The book, also endorsed by Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ashton Kutcher, doesn't delve into any health-related information or offer any of the standard scare tactics that we're all already well aware of. Instead, the book deals on the mental aspects of smoking. It helps us mentally prepare ourselves with truth - a cognitive therapy type of approach. It corrects wrong thinking and provides us with the common sense that smokers lack.

For example, as smokers, we are brainwashed into believing that smoking does something positive for us - that it relaxes us and gives us pleasure. The truth is that smoking causes anxiety, relentlessly, in the form of a craving every thirty minutes. If that craving isn't relieved, the anxiety increases tremendously with each passing minute.
Here's another case in point. We are brainwashed into believing that cigarette smoke tastes and smells good to us.

Think about that for a moment. Have you ever wondered why Febreze hasn't launched a new air freshener scent called "Tobacco Smoke"? What would you think if you peered into the deli counter to see a nicely packaged gourmet cheese labelled "flavored with tobacco"? Has tobacco ever smelled so good to you that you wanted to eat it? "Of course, not", is the answer. Truly, as smokers we consistently tell ourselves lies.

The book is full of examples, anecdotes and analogies that we can all relate to. Mr. Carr eloquently and efficiently removes the brainwashing that smokers believe. It's an easy read that will convince you that when you quit smoking, you're not giving up your best friend. You are ridding yourself of your worst enemy.

The book has been around for decades and Mr. Carr has since passed on, but the truth he reveals in The Easy Way to Stop Smoking lives on and continues to change lives. You or your loved ones can stop smoking on your own easily. Get the book today. I highly recommend it.

Home Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking

To help with the discomfort of cravings in the first few weeks, you could also try some of these helpful home remedies to quit smoking easily on your own.