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Easy Ear Infection Treatment for Kids and Adults

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Easy Ear ache cure

My daughter, while growing up in the 90's commonly suffered from ear infections. It was almost always in the middle of the night when the pain from her ear would wake her and cause her so much grief. Back then, unfortunately, I had no knowledge of this easy ear infection treatment for kids and adults. So, it would be a round of antibiotics for her.


Again and again, this was at least a yearly occurrence. It wasn't until I read about this very simple and easy cure for earaches and ear infections, that I could have treated many of her infections at home, in less than 10 minutes, without the use of antibiotics.

The Treatment

Drop one or two drops of either peroxide or rubbing alcohol into the ear, then use a hair dryer on low, about a foot away, for 10 minutes to dry out the ear. It really is that easy.

I've recommended this to a few friend's kids with amazing and quick results. The pain is virtually gone, once the heat from the dryer hits it. You can literally see the look of relief on the child's face.

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I first learned of this easy ear infection treatment from The Doctor's Book Of Home Remedies. I recall reading that the treatment is effective so long as the infection is a bacterial one, and not a viral one.

In the 90's, I was completely unaware of probiotics or natural antibiotics. Read more about natural antibiotics here.

I have often wondered about the possible damage caused by the antibiotics that used to be prescribed to my daughter for this simple ear infections, which may have easily been treated otherwise with this easy ear infection treatment.

Respected Dr Josh Axe highlights some of the possible dangers of antibiotics.

Moving Forward

At the end of the day, there is no point in beating myself up about how misinformed, or uninformed I had been back then. I, like many, had simply trusted the knowledge of the doctors at that time. However, today, I do know better, and will continue to learn. Without a doubt, I will certainly try, when possible, to find a natural cure the next time a family member has a medical issue or problem.