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Could Your Doctor Give You Aids?

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Doctor Aids Risk

In the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Public Health Officials are warning the patients of Dr. Lorin Gilbert Harding, that there could be a risk of Aids to his patients.


On June 16, the College Of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario informed the Hamilton Public Heath Services that there was an 'infection prevention and control lapse" in this Doctor's office.

The Health Unit is now stating that anyone who had minor procedures in the office - including biopsies for cancer diagnosis, blood work for or the removal of warts, moles, skin tags or cysts - could be at risk. They are saying that the control lapse concerns patients who visited the office for these procedures between November 1979 and June 8 - a very wide date range, spanning nearly four decades.

There was, evidently, a lack of evidence that the equipment used in the office, may not have been cleaned, disinfected, sterilized, and stored properly, between use of patients.

Although the risk is said to be likely be low, patients are urged to get tested for the following: hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B core total antibody, hepatitis C, and HIV.

Patient Reviews from the Doctor Have been Favorable. That of course, could change with this most recent news.

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