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27 Contact Lenses Found in Woman Prepping for Eye Surgery

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Contact Lenses

Yes, it's true. Doctors discovered and removed 27 contact lenses, all from the right eye of a 67- year old woman who was being prepped for cataract surgery.


Her story was recently profiled the the British Medical Journal.

Specialist trainee Rupal Morjaria of National Health Service in the U.K. stated this in an email to Global News. “Contact lenses are a valuable aid to help correct vision however they need to be monitored regularly,” “This patient was lucky … contact lens over wear can cause sight threatening complications.”

Morjaria said the patient didn't realize the lenses were missing and simply thought the discomfort in her right.
The Surgery

Morjaria, who found 10 of the 27 contact lenses, says the patient did not complain of any symptoms prior to her routine cataract surgery or even realize contacts were missing. She thought her discomfort and dryness in the one eye was due to age

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Morjaria explained, “[She] had reduced vision in the eye in question,” “During sub-tenon anaesthesia, the aneathetist Richard Crombie noticed the big blue mass.” Dr. Amit Patel, part of Morjaria's team, found a second mass of the remaining 17 lenses stuck together by mucus.

“She was very surprised when I told her on the day of initial surgery, but relieved that we had found a reason for the foreign body sensations she had for years,” Morjaria says. “She had ignored this and thought it was part of her.”

The patient was treated with antibiotics and the cataract surgery was performed at a later date and is doing fine.

I asked my husband, who wears contact lenses regularly if he could understand how something like this could happen. He said he couldn't fathom it. As well, it's interesting that all of the missing contacts came from the right eye and none from the left eye.

Do you wear contacts? Could you see this happening to you?

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