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Why Older Dads Might Ask: Is My Son a Geek?

is my son a geek

Is my son a geek? And why are older dads asking this question? Find out what a recent study revealed to parents.


It is not uncommon for women to marry older men. Often these men are perceived as calmer, more responsible, and ready to settle down. Older dads tend to have the resources and wisdom to be actively involved with raising children. Moms appreciate this help and support. But why would older dads ask, “Is my son a geek?” And is this really true?

Is My Son a Geek? And What is a Geek?

To answer the question, “Is my son a geek?” it is smart to know what a geek is. People might think of a someone with good grades who wears crooked eyeglasses and holds a calculator. But there is much more to being a geek than these stereotypes. We know the “Geek Squad” can help us fix our computers when we are feeling lost and disconnected. Geeks also tend to be in high positions of power because of their superior intellect. But what is a geek?

Turning to the Geek Experts

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According to Wired, being a geek gives someone permission to like whatever you like because you want to. Nobody is excluded from this seemingly uncool group. According to GeekDad Jim MacQuarrie, “A person whose interests ALWAYS take precedence over popularity or conformity. A person who displays the willingness to bear the public shame of liking some weird thing and not caring who knows it.” And geeks tend to be very smart.

Do Older Dads Have Geekier Sons?

Amazingly, a recent study attempted to determine if older dads have geekier sons. Apparently, the researchers determined they did. When it comes to academic performance at school, the older dads get the kudos. Their sons tended to be better able to focus on their interests and more intelligent. After researchers studied over 12,000 sets of twins in the UK, they also found these sons of older dads were less sensitive to peer pressure. The older the dad at the time of conception, the geekier the son. Unfortunately, daughters did not appear to get the same benefits.

The Advantages of Being a Geek

My husband is sixteen years my senior and definitely an older dad. Our son is smart, resists peer pressure, and focuses well when he decides to put his independent mind to it. But is my son a geek? I'm not sure but I know I was a childhood geek and wonder if that plays a role. And my daughter, who recently discovered she needed eyeglasses, opted for the trendy “Geek” frames that give her the air of a pretty librarian.

Is all this attributed to having an older dad or a geeky mom? All I know is smart and daring to be different definitely feels good. Calling all geeks! What do you think about this? Share your viewpoints below!