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When a Kid Will Not Eat Vegetables Just Dress Them Up

kid will not eat vegetables

When an adult or kid will not eat vegetables, it seems the right name and appearances can go a long way to get them to try these healthy menu options.


They say a rose by any other name is still as sweet. But when it comes to making vegetables appealing, that may not be true. When a kid will not eat vegetables, it helps to dress them up. And when adults refuse their veggies, an appetizing name can make a difference. It seems it's all about appearances and names when it comes to getting people to eat vegetables.

Descriptions Make a Difference

Yesterday we discussed how descriptions can be harmfully deceptive when it comes to marketing potentially toxic personal care products. For example, the ingredients found in certain shampoos can lead to infertility and birth defects. But the savvy use of words could be helpful when it comes to encouraging people to eat more healthy veggies. It seems people are more prone to eat vegetables when they are described in an enticing manner.

A Study About Making Vegetables Sound Appetizing

A study published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine revealed seductive names can make people want to consume more vegetables. The study was conducted with students and staff at Stanford University. It seems words such as “tangy” and “dynamite” made cafeteria fare more desirable, including the vegetables. So the key to getting teens and adults to choose vegetables from the menu is to give them a catchy name. Offer people buttery corn or crispy lettuce to get them to feast on veggies!

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What About When a Kid Will Not Eat Vegetables?

Getting adults and teens to eat vegetables helps them be positive role models for children. After all, kids want to do what the big people around them are doing. But what about when a kid will not eat vegetables? Is a fun name all it takes to get them to eat their spinach? Over the years, references to Popeye being strong have seemed to help. But sometimes it takes more than a cool story or memorable name to get kids to eat their vegetables.

Dressing Up Vegetables to Be Kid-Friendly

Over the years, I learned how to dress up or camouflage vegetables to make them kid-friendly. One example is serving creamed spinach over whole wheat penne with plenty of fresh Parmesan cheese. Another is melted American or cheddar cheese over broccoli. Mixing vegetables into baked potato is a wonderful way to get kids to try them. Adding them to homemade soups makes veggies softer and more flavorful.

Shaking It Up

Another great way to mix it up when a kid will not eat vegetables is to add them to a health shake. Include tasty fresh fruit and vegetables to make a treat kids will look forward to. Consider ingredients such as strawberries, Greek yogurt, kale, wheat germ, honey, and peanut butter. Kids will look forward to this healthy breakfast or snack. And you will be getting them to eat the healthy greens and fruits they need for optimum well-being.

If you have a kid who will not eat vegetables, a bit of creativity in the kitchen can go a long way. And get teens and adults to eat their vegetables by giving them sensational names. All it takes is some imagination and allure to get people to eat healthier foods!



You make some awesome points for sure.
Thanks :) Making veggies exciting can make a difference.