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The Ultimate Teenage Summer Bucket List to Keep Everyone Sane

teenage summer bucket list

The ultimate teenage summer bucket list can help keep everyone sane. Teens will have plenty of cool ways to spend the longest and hottest day of the summer while parents can focus on their daily routines without worries.


When kids are little, summer vacation often means whining and frequent outbursts stating, “I'm bored.” If this seems extreme, step it up several notches when teens face the long days of summer vacation. While parents continue to work and focus on responsibilities, these near-adults can't wait to get up and go. And parents need to make sure they are doing something fun and productive to stay out of trouble. Consider the ultimate teenage summer bucket list to help keep the entire family sane.

Free or Cheap Fun to Add to Your Teenage Summer Bucket List

A major issue for families is the time and money it takes to keep teens busy and entertained. Fortunately, there are free and cheap ways to have fun that should be added to your teenage summer bucket list.

- Join a class at a local library or community center. Usually, classes include fun stuff such as yoga, painting, crafts, or aerobics.

- Spend at day at the pool. It's cheap or free if you have friends with a pool or who live in a community with one.

- Head to the beach for a picnic. Peanut butter and jelly are inexpensive, healthy, and don't even require a cooler with ice.

- Go thrift store shopping. For a few bucks, teens can add to their summer wardrobe and find some unique stuff.

- Read a book at the park or in the yard. And some libraries also have reading clubs with free gifts and sweepstakes that offer a chance to win additional teen-friendly goodies.

- Open a one-day lemonade stand. It's not just for kids and young teens can open one to earn money for their favorite cause.

- Volunteer at a place you like. From teaching vacation bible school to walking doggies at the shelter, there are all types of volunteer opportunities for teens. Plus, it's valuable work experience to add to a teen's resume when they start looking for a “real” job. '

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- Take free online classes. Many websites offer free courses to help teens learn about new topics and even inspire them about what they want to do in the future.

- Take a hike. There are many wildlife trails to explore with your friends and get away from the hectic pace of school days and life in general.

- Build a bonfire. With parental permission, teens can build a bonfire and make smores while they tell jokes.

- Catch a sunset over the lake. It's a perfect way to end the day, especially if you go with that special someone who could be your future prom date.

- Write in a journal. And the journal can be like a time capsule you read in 2 to 5 years to reflect on your past and future.

- Start a business. From a car wash to landscaping to babysitting, teens can get entrepreneurial and make some extra money.

- Get crafty. Try sewing, pottery, painting, drawing, or writing poetry. Consider selling your crafts on Etsy or at a flea market. Be creative and tie-dye some t-shirts to make a unique fashion statement.

- Have a sleepover in your backyard. Set up a tent and go camping in your own space. And homemade popsicles keep you cool and hydrated if it gets warm in the tent.

Make Memories That Last Past the Summertime

Some items to add to your teenage summer bucket list cost money but are well worth the price. Encourage your teens to do some chores to earn these memorable experiences they are sure to enjoy.

- Go to a concert or music festival. Check out free ones at your local beach or park if funds are limited.
- Rent a boat and go fishing. Or for those who prefer not to fish, a simple excursion on a rowboat can be a blast.
- Go on a day trip. From bus tours to cruises around an island, there are a variety of day trips that take you out of your neighborhood and into the world.
- Visit a museum. From history to wax figures, there are all kinds of museums to check out. And often students get a deep discount.
- Get into wildlife by spending a day at the zoo or aquarium. Why not check out a petting zoo for a retro moment?

Creating a teenage summer bucket list now help teens fill their time through some of the longest days of the year. Plus, parents can worry less knowing their teens are doing good things with their spare time instead of getting in trouble or spending all day on social media. Active teens are happier and healthier!