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Triple P Parenting Strategies and the Potential Power of Positive Thinking

triple p parenting strategies

What are Triple P Parenting strategies and how can moms harness the power of positive thinking to raise happier and more successful children?


Most people have heard of the self-help book, "The Power of Positive Thinking," by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who was also a minister. The book, published in 1952, was controversial in many circles. However, the concept of being positive for the best possible outcomes in life continues to be a philosophy held by many. This concept is proven once again with Triple P parenting strategies. Find out more about the Positive Parenting Program and what it means to moms today.

What is the Positive Parenting Program?

The Positive Parenting Program gives parents strategies focused on positivity to help them effectively raise their kids. The program was founded at the University of Queensland in Australia by Matt Sanders. The goals are to have positive communication, relationships and pay attention to the strength of family relationships. By boosting the parents' confidence, the program attempts to minimize the occurrence of emotional and behavioral issues in kids and teens. It also is a way to take some of the stress out of parenting.

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What are Triple P Parenting Strategies?

There are five major principles that define Triple P Parenting strategies. They are guidelines to positive parenting that help children be well-adjusted. The first is to have a safe yet interesting environment to ward off boredom. The second is encourage positive learning in their environment. And the third is to have boundaries and consequences to discipline kids. Fourth, parents have to be realistic about expectations and avoid comparing their kids to others. Finally, parents need to remember to take care of themselves - something many of us often overlook.

Does Triple P Parenting Really Work?

According to the Triple P Parenting website, the program has been supported by research for years and has helped more than four million children and parents It is a flexible method that has been around for decades. The goal is to support better relationships between parents and children. In a sense, it further establishes the power of positive thinking to make families function better.

Positive thinking is sometimes connected with the concept of visualization. In other words, if you believe, you will receive. Being positive can attract good things into your life. In a sense, it is a faithful way to approach life. By being positive and having faith, we can enjoy the successful families and lives we want. Do you believe in Triple P Parenting strategies when it comes to facing life and raising kids? What parenting methods do you prefer? Share your experiences with us!