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Is Moving House Stressful? Tips to Reduce Moving Stress

is moving house stressful

Is moving house stressful? We are in the middle of moving our family and I can attest to the fact it can be quite stressful. Consider these tips to reduce the stress and feel better about your move.


Is moving house stressful? When you have kids, a dog, and lots of stuff, it can quickly become a major stress zone. But there are ways to reduce the stress of a move and feel less anxious along the way. Discover some of the ways I found to streamline our move and feel better throughout the process.

Try To Maintain Normal Routines

During a move, it seems nothing is on a regular schedule. It's inevitable when you consider all the stuff you need to do. But try to maintain a few simple routines, such as getting enough sleep and eating three meals a day. This is especially important when you work and have a family.

Remember to Eat

Sometimes quick meals might be pizza or a peanut butter sandwich, but at least you're fueling up for all the work ahead. Get a bag of prepared salad and your favorite dressing to make sure everyone gets their veggies. Fresh fruit is a perfect fast snack. Blueberries are my preferred choice. Consider trail mix for the kids - no refrigeration required. And I keep lots of water bottles and lemons on hand for instant hydration and refreshment.

Moving Isn't Exercise

While moving is definitely exhausting, it's not formal exercise. Try to walk the dog, do a few situps, and meditate along the way. Even a five-minute meditation can help you calm down and stay more focused. Adding ten minutes of exercise and meditation to your day is an attainable goal that makes you feel better while you move.

Get Help Everywhere and Anywhere

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I'm not a super mom and I know it. None of us really are. Hire a cleaning service and a landscaper. Get a moving truck. Ask your family and friends for help. Use a free concierge service such as Kandela to turn on your utilities and forward your mail. These time-savers also help you save energy and get more done without compromising your rest.

Everything Takes More Time Than You Think

We've been moving for two weeks and still have plenty left to do. Always plan ahead and recognize moving takes at least double the time you think. If you believe you can move in three days, be prepared to spend a lot of money to make it happen.

Have a Plan

I discovered the benefit of moving all the big items first. We can successfully sleep and eat at our new house then return to the old one to take care of what is left. It also makes it easier to throw things away and discover how simple living can be better. And you learn to make due with what you have on-hand, such as using lemons for cleaning.

Is Moving House Stressful!? Yes, and Grouchiness is Inevitable

A change of location, moving all your stuff, and fitting a move into your already hectic schedule is bound to make everyone feel grouchy. While you shouldn't feel guilty for your crabbiness, try not to take it out on everyone around you.

Focus on The Positive Aspects

Moving seems to be endless and consumes all your spare time. Try to focus on the reasons why you are moving. Think about what you want to experience at your new location. We will be near parks, beaches, shopping, and recreation. As we deal with all the frustration, we talk about the good times in our future. It keeps us going.

Moving is stressful but often inevitable. The constant we can all depend on is making changes. Work together, pray together, and soon you will be sharing joy in your new home!