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Infertility and Birth Defects - Is Your Shampoo the Culprit?

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There are many reasons for infertility and birth defects. Could the shampoo you use be one of them? Read on to find out.


For generations, creative marketing strategies have lured women to buy a variety of shampoos. Promises of longer, more beautiful hair are enticing. Some of them make lofty claims that can be irresistible. But is your shampoo the culprit when it comes to infertility and birth defects? And did you even know harmful quats exist? Let's find out more about the essential hair products that could have deep, dark secrets.

It's All About Advertising

An attractive woman with a gorgeous mane of hair smile at you from the television or the pages of a glossy magazine. You wish your hair looked that great. And a manufacturer will promise that it can. Words such as quality, natural, and effective are tossed around like confetti. Instantly, the ad inspires emotion and a feeling of trust. AThis is exactly what it is meant to do. After all, you want to look beautiful. Before you know it, the product is in your shower and being used on your hair. Did you consider safety first? And did the idea of future infertility and birth defects cross your mind? If not, you are certainly not alone.

What Are Quats?

A study recently published in the journal, Birth Defects Research, revealed chemical compounds often found in shampoo and household cleaning products can cause birth defects in rats. These chemicals are called quats. The two to watch out for are alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC) and didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (DDAC). According to the study fidings, exposure to the chemicals can increase neural tube defects (NTDs). These are birth defects that occur during the first month of pregnancy and affect the spine, brain, or spinal cord of a fetus. This means your shampoo could be a cause of infertility and birth defects.

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Infertility and Birth Defects Go Beyond Mommy

In the past couple of decades, men have become more prone to using a variety of hygiene products. The study indicated birth defects occurred when both male and females were exposed to the quats. And problems can arise if only one parent was exposed. This means men also have to resist the temptation of hair product advertisements. From thicker hair to attracting more attention, marketing also targets men and encourages them to purchase shampoo and other hair products.

Beyond the Surface

We live in a world of social media mavens, models, and television stars. Many of the images we see have been retouched. Or a team of professional stylists spent endless hours making someone look fabulous. Recreating this scenario in our own lives is unrealistic. Even wealthy women have other responsibilities and can't spend half the day on their hair and makeup. Looking beyond the surface makes it easier to find the truth. And is there always truth in advertising? History tells buyers to beware and look at the facts before they purchase any product.

Do the Research

Advertisements are crafted to make money for product manufacturers and distributors. Even bloggers endorse products and write reviews for incentives. Our friends and family could be misguided. When it comes to choosing personal care products, there's no substitute for doing your own research. Go online and look for the ingredients used in certain shampoos and conditioners. As you shop around at the store, carefully read the labels on shampoos to search for unwanted ingredients. And terminology such as “safe” or “organic” might not mean much when it comes to preventing infertility and birth defects. An educated consumer is the safest one.

There are many reasons for infertility and birth defects. Fortunately, your shampoo doesn't have to be one of them. Choose products that contain healthy ingredients that won't have an impact on your future family.



I will definitely be mindful of this, specially that we're trying to have a baby now. Still waiting for a positive result on my free conceiveeasy pt.
Hope it goes well for you! Sometimes small changes can go a long way. For me, I had to alleviate stress and then was able to conceive.