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I Discovered Cleaning with Lemon Juice During Our Move

cleaning with lemon juice

When you are short on resources, you learn to make due with what you have on-hand. I discovered the power of cleaning with lemon juice during our recent move.


People often say necessity is the mother of invention. While it might not be a new way to clean, I discovered cleaning with lemon juice during our recent move. It was late and I realized there were no cleaning supplies in our new house. A quick perusal of our refrigerator helped me find exactly what we needed for a fresher, cleaner home.

Lemon Love

Lemon water is a mainstay for our family when we are on-the-go. For many years, I've refused to purchase sugary beverages and energy drinks. When my son was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), these beverages were practically banished from our environment. His cardiologist let us know the dangers of drinking caffeine and energy drinks when you have heart problems. My favorite thirst quencher is a simple glass of ice water with a slice of lemon. Basic lemon water is refreshing, hydrating, and has antioxidants to help keep your body healthier. Besides being good for your well-being, we soon found out cleaning with lemon juice is a lot smarter than using chemicals.

A Cleaning Quandary

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While it may not be the healthiest option, ordering a pizza keeps a hungry family happy during a busy move. Plus, the pizzeria delivers. After putting the box on the kitchen counter, I realized there was some drippy oil on the bottom. When I put the cardboard box in the recycle bin, I saw the greasy mark on the counter. Getting rid of oil requires more than a swipe with a wet cloth. With no cleaning agents in the house, how could I eliminate it? I saw the lemon in my water and realized many cleaning products are lemon scented. How about cleaning with lemon juice? It was worth a try.

Cleaning with Lemon Juice is Powerful

A fast Internet search revealed plenty of people are cleaning with lemon juice. In fact, it's a preferred natural cleaning agent for many environmentally conscious people. Most articles recommended diluting the lemon juice because it is quite powerful. I took a lemon, squeezed it into a cup of water, and dipped my rag to clean the countertops. I was amazed at the results! The grease was gone and the kitchen smelled fresh. Though I'd heard about natural cleaning before, the time had come to discover its benefits for myself.

Keeping the Kitchen Lemony Fresh

I decided to purchase a spray bottle to use lemon in the kitchen of our new home. Lemon can be used to clean laminate countertops, copper, brass, and cutting boards. I rubbed a lemon on our cutting board after slicing some fresh vegetables and it worked very well. I also discovered lemons can be used to bleach white clothing, polish spotty knives, and clean the microwave.

Our recent move taught me a lot about keeping my family happy and healthy. Moving is joyful but also challenging, especially when you are keeping track of a family and pets. Cleaning with lemons was one of the lessons I learned during our recent transition. Now natural cleaning has become a major topic for me to explore. Stay tuned to find out more about maintaining your family's well-being and reducing stress during a move!