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Health Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Move

benefits of hiring a cleaning service

Moving is a hectic time and it seems the more you move, the dirtier everything gets. Discover the health benefits of hiring a cleaning service rather than trying to do it yourself.


Moving out of one home and into another means lots of cleaning. It is amazing what you unearth when you move a family and a dog. And often a new home requires some level of cleaning to bring it up to your personal standards. Consider some of the health benefits of hiring a cleaning company during your move.

Reduce Stress

One of the most obvious reasons to hire a maid is to reduce your stress. It is impossible to be in two places at one time. Working mothers have little or no time for anything other than their jobs, taking care of routine family business, and coordinating the move. A maid keeps everything looking good in the meantime. Having a clean house can eliminate some of the stress associated with moving because you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.

Make a Smart Financial Investment

If you rent a home, the landlord wants it back in good shape. A cleaning company will get rid of the telltale signs of daily living. Having the carpet steam cleaned and the windows washed can help you get your security deposit back. If you are selling a house, potential buyers expect it to be clean and tidy. And if you are buying a home, you are investing in keeping it well-maintained. Have a pro do the major cleaning the first time around. This gives you a fresh start when you clean in the future.

Eliminate Exposure to Toxins

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While you might be familiar with the dirt in your old home, you don't know what to expect in your new one. A cleaning pro has the expertise and products to combat all types of dirt, grime, and toxins. The last thing a busy mom needs during a move is to get sick. This is even more important for those with health conditions. Staying healthy is a top priority to successfully complete your move. Hiring a cleaning company can prevent illnesses and injuries during this busy phase of your life.

Post-Construction Cleaning

For those moving into a new or renovated home, there is sure to be some construction dust and debris left behind. Unfortunately, some of this stuff can be harmful to your health, too. Many cleaning companies offer post construction cleaning services. They know the proper way to clean construction materials and dispose of them. This can als prevent costly fines for throwing away items that should be disposed of in a specific way.

Knowledge About Cleaning Products

Hiring a cleaning company can teach you more about cleaning products. During our move, I discovered cleaning with lemon juice. But a maid told me about using baking soda as a gentle scrubbing powder for toilets and considering Bona products for our hardwood floors. While you might not take all the advice, it helps you learn more about ways to keep your home sparkling.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company

I have discovered hiring a cleaning company to come once a month helps me save hours of work. I do a cleanup every week that consists of basic mopping and disinfecting. The cleaning company takes care of high ceilings, lighting fans, and the dreaded areas under sofas and beds. This helps keep our home healthier and cleaner. These forgotten areas can become filled with unhealthy grime in just a couple of months. Nobody wants little fingers or a curious dog to get into this gunk. A cleaning company tackles areas you might miss when you rush around the house with a duster and broom.