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Do Kids With Good Grades at School Live Longer?

kids with good grades

Is it possible that people with a higher IQ will get to live longer, too? Consider what a recent study revealed about intelligence and longevity.


Good grades mean kids enjoy many benefits. They may include extra privileges at home and school, scholarships, respect from teachers and peers as well as healthy self-esteem. But do kids with good grades in school live longer, too? Consider the results of a recent study with regard to intelligence and lifespan.

Are Kids With Good Grades at School Smarter, Too?

Kids with good grades at school might work harder, but are they smarter? Intelligence is measured by IQ rather than grades. Although top grades often indicate a child is smart, it can also mean they work very hard. For some, this can be stressful. And people recognize stress can lead to health issues and even early death. But what about those who are naturally intelligent? Is it possible they also have the advantage of an increased lifespan?

High IQ and Longer Life Go Hand-in-Hand

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A recent study showed smarter people are healthier. Intelligence measured during childhood was strongly linked to lower mortality rates. The study was published in the BMJ and confirmed earlier studies that noted this link. Subjects were traced up to age 79. The protective effect of intelligence apparently lasts into old age.

What Are the Reasons?

Some difference in the mortality rates might be attributed to the facts smart people are less apt to smoke and have a higher economic status. But this isn't the complete story. The leader of the research team, Catherine Calvin, is a University of Edinburgh psychologist. She said, “Childhood intelligence was inversely associated with all major causes of death.” People with a higher IQ suffered less from conditions such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, digestive diseases, dementia, and injury. And smart people are less likely to have blue collar jobs that expose them to toxins that could cause respiratory diseases and other ailments.

The Geeks Have It

We just discussed how older dads tend to have geekier sons with better grades. Now we discover being a geek really pays off. Intelligence is a reward in itself. When children are encouraged to use their intelligence to achieve great things, they enjoy a higher status and improved finances. Now it seems they even get to live longer. Kids with good grades get all the breaks. The revenge of the nerds continues!