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Are Sparklers Safe for Kids on Fourth of July?

sparklers safe for kids

Are sparklers safe for kids on Fourth of July? Find out if sparklers are a good idea and how old kids should be to use them.


Fourth of July brings to mind family barbecues, swimming pools, and fireworks. Most parents take kids to a fireworks show where there is no hands-on activity. But others might have a fireworks display at home, which increases the risk of danger for children. Often kids are handed sparklers to participate in the activities. But are sparklers safe for kids on Fourth of July?

Fourth of July Memories

I remember the wonder of holding my first sparkler at my great aunt's house. Fourth of July was also her birthday and there was a pool party every year to celebrate the two occasions. We ate burgers, swam, and watched fireworks. My parents were reluctant as we never had fireworks at home. I begged and soon had a sparkler in my hand, after a safety talk from Mom and Dad. I held it far away and fortunately, there were no injuries or incidents. But was I just lucky?

Are Sparkers Safe for Kids?

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Sparklers are eye-catching and exciting but they also get very hot. The sticks can reach up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat can cause severe skin burns. And the sparks can catch flammable clothing on fire and even hurt your eyes. If hot sticks are thrown on the ground, bare feet could get burned. If you want to make little ones feel included, consider these crafty and danger-free "sparklers" for kids.

Can Kids Have Sparklers on Fourth of July?

Like other potentially dangerous activities, many mothers prohibit the use of sparklers for kids under 10. Parents should always supervise the use of sparklers and never let kids use them alone. The U.S. Product Safety Commission revealed about 400 of the 900 emergency room visits related to sparklers in 2016 were kids between 0 and 4. A Cafe Mom writer discouraged the use of sparklers by toddlers, for good reason.

Keeping Safe on Fourth of July

Some parents appreciate the tradition of fireworks on Fourth of July. If older kids are using them, they should be supervised by adults. A water bucket should be nearby where hot sticks can be tossed to avoid burns and fires. Kids should wear shoes in case a hot stick is dropped on the ground. Make sure kids are not wearing loose-fitting clothes that could catch on fire. Another option is bamboo sparklers that don't stay hot after they burn.

Are sparklers safe for kids on Fourth of July? There are risks but they can be minimized by teaching kids how to hold them and providing supervision. I gave my kids poppers instead to throw on the ground. No fire or flame was needed and they still had fun. Do you let your kids have sparklers? Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!