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These DIY Gardening and Creative Container Ideas To Spice Up Your Summer Are Also Great For Kids Activities

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Seeds in a pot

Enjoy these simple DIY ideas to get your summer garden started or add some spice and creative color to it! You’ll be amazed how easy and fun it can be. Include the kids in the process and it makes for an educational and healthy activity. However big or small your goals, growing some of your own food and flowers is worth the effort, and with these fun tips you can save time, space and money.


Get your creativity flowing with some DIY ideas to get your summer garden off to a good start and add some spice and color to it. You’ll be amazed how easy and fun it can be. Including the kids in the process makes for an educational and healthy activity as well. However big or small your gardening goals, growing some of your own food and flowers is worth the effort, and with these fun tips you can save time, space and money.

Whether you are part of the homesteading movement or just want to taste homegrown tomatoes again and enjoy the fresh smell of flowers out your front door, try some of these fun ideas to help get you started and the creative juices flowing.

How about including the kids in the activities now that school is getting out? Having them be a part of a gardening project from seed / planting to eating of the fruit and smelling the flowers is very rewarding on many levels. Seeing the whole process of growth is educational, inspiring and rewarding.

Water loss, poor soil quality and limited space are all key factors that make ‘traditional gardening’ difficult for most families, especially in urban areas and with busy days. We are seeing all kinds of creative gardening methods that often work better and are more efficient than the traditional ‘farm style’ gardening we tend to picture with crops in neat rows or all neatly manicured.

Now, even some serious growers are moving to more modern techniques, many of which in fact have their roots in ancient practices. Let’s explore some of these trends and fun techniques you may want to try out and share with your friends who are looking for activities for their kids as well.

Creative Containers Ideas On a Budget
Why stress over or spend lots of money getting just the right pot. Almost anything in the kitchen or other food safe item could be used or converted into a plant container with enough creativity. Have fun with it. Sure, pots and planters you have laying around the yard will work. How about arrange them into a fun shape or border for your yard?

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Consider the food containers you just brought home and empties out, the old tire in the garage, or the toy dump truck the kids don’t use anymore. I love something as simple as a mug or even tea set with delicate flowers popping out of them. You’d me amazed at how much can grow from a small cup! Any of these are worth a try along with many other household items. A collection of various containers can add a fun twist to the traditional look. Have the kids choose something they are not using any more that could be turned into a new planter. Get some good planting soil, seeds or starter plants, and get started.

Creative container gardening in a tea pot

Design Your Own Containers
Using food safe paints or even scrap paper and let them help you design a colorful container. If they are really into crafts, how about make use of their talents and get some food grade crafting clay. After picking out the future home of the new planter, let them go to town designing it. When we involve our children in more of the process, from start to finish, they are more likely to own the results and enjoy the fruits of their labor, literally. You may even get them to do some of the watering. It’s worth a try.

Go Vertical With Gardening
Vertical gardening is all the craze. This could be done in many ways, both in soil or using water or aeroponic systems. There are self-contained systems and towers that one can purchase that are ready to go - plug-and-play. Hydro or aeroponics often grows plants 3 times faster and using up to 90% less water than traditional gardening. However, you can also replicate some of the benefits simply with a vertical structure where some of the water from one pot goes to the next one below it and so on. This could be attained simply by stacking progressively smaller pots on top of each other, leaving room around the outer edge of the pot for the planting. If you have a fence, try fastening some planters along it or at the bottom and watch the plants grow up.

Whatever medium you use to plant in, vertical gardening is a great way to maximize space and usually minimizes damage from insects and other animals as well. Vertical structures are typical faster and more efficient to maintain. It is these little differences that can make a big difference when it comes to how well the plants grow and whether or not they last long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Hope you enjoyed these fun ideas to get you started and the creativity flowing. I’d love to hear about and see your gardens, whether you are just starting out or already have one in full bloom Share some pictures and tips below and continue to follow us for more great ideas for the whole family.

Creative vertical gardening in a shoe hanger