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Super Fast Healthy Oatmeal Recipe Tricks You Will Want To Use Everyday

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Fast Healthy Homemade Oatmeal

For those oatmeal lover and otherwise, this is for you. The benefits of eating homemade oatmeal abound and here is a simple super fast healthy oatmeal recipe trick to help make it a part of your regular diet. These simple tricks will save you time and money. Making oatmeal from scratch has more health benefits but who has the time to stand over a stove. Here's what I do that works every time.


I am not what you would call a cook, but I certainly enjoy warm meals. I need my meals to be so fast, they practically prepare themselves. That’s why I love this fast, healthy homemade oatmeal recipe that I can use while on the go as well.

I am not what you would call an oatmeal lover either. As a kid, I watched my Dad eat plain rolled oats and couldn’t understand how or why he did it. Well, things change. Now that I discovered a few tricks and tips to make these super fast and healthy homemade oatmeal oh-so-delicious as well, I enjoy it most mornings.

Why I eat homemade oatmeal in the firsts place

  • Fiber-rich - it provides one of the most hearty fiber-rich breakfast I can imagine. As we all know, eating fiber-rich foods regularly, will help us say regular. Let’s face it, this contributes to overall well being, on the outside as well as inside. We are much happier when we keep things moving, for a host of reasons.
  • Satisfying and filling without being too heavy - it leaves me with a satisfied feeling that gives me the sustained energy I need to power my day and last me until who-knows-when. Since it is mainly healthy carbs and protein, it is filling without weighing me down.
  • Homemade Oatmeal reduces cravings - since it helps to stabilize my blood sugar and certainly contributes to a solid diet, helping to reduce excess weight.
  • Gluten-free and vegan. Of course you can add milk, but I love the old fashion water best.
  • Long terms benefits - the benefits abound as it contributes to heart and brain health, weight loss, and much more.
  • Oh so cheap - let’s not ignore the fact that when I make it at home with the box of rolled oats (I’m not talking about the single pouches that are filled with added sugars and things we don’t need), it is ridiculously cheap. I was calculating that even I use Organic (which I recommend) rolled oats and eat double a portion at each meal, we are looking at around a whopping $0.20 / meal. Now, adding the awesome toppings, and we are still talking between $1 and $2 average. I dear you to find me as satisfying and healthy a meal for less.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty. What you came here for. How do I make the oatmeal from scratch so fast I can do it while juggling 10 other things in the mornings and so delicious I want to keep coming back for more? Simple.

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3 Tricks To Make Super Fast and Healthy Homemade Oatmeal

  1. Boil the water first. I use an electric water boiler so I can just flip the switch, walk away and come back when the water it hot. Adding the boiling water to the bowl of raw rolled oats, whether they are the quick cool or ‘regular’, makes the ‘cooking’ time so much faster.
  2. Put a lid on it and walk away. When I have the oats with the boiling water in one bowl, I put a slightly larger bowl on top of it to act as a lid, or, if I’m literally about to walk out the door, I ‘cook’ it in the to-go container directly. That’s it. Again, I walk away as I finish getting ready and let it do it’s thing. Within a few minutes, the oats are soft and warm.
  3. Add toppings and good quality plant-based protein. For me, this is what makes it or breaks it. I alternate using my favorite toppings, but one stable I have found always works is my favorite protein powder. This creates a nice consistency and boosts the nutrition value. You can also use other plant-based sources of protein such as a nut butter, flax or chia seeds. Some combination of bananas, berries, nuts, raisins, and possibly honey or maple syrup are must haves as well.

Additional tips

No need to use the single packs with the additional ingredients and sugars. If you want something on the go, prepare serving sizes in individual baggies and add your own dry toppings. This will be a lot healthier and save you money in the long run.

Use organic or other variations of the traditional rolled oats as you want. Irish oats are a great one to try for an even more hearty meal.

Play around with the toppings. As mentioned above, the toppings are what make it or break it for me.




This is great! So even the regular, cook-for-5-minutes Old-fashioned oats will cook this way? You seriously may have just changed my life! My son loves oatmeal, and I always buy the old-fashioned type because I like the texture--the quick cook oats seem a little more mushy to me. But I hate the clean up of the saucepan! After boiling for 5 minutes, that gooey gluey stuff on the saucepan is a real pain to clean up. Your method sounds perfect! After all, who doesn't love fewer dishes to wash!? I'm going to try your hack of adding protein powder, too. Of course, when my mom made them for me as a kid, I was all about the butter and brown sugar...but when you're a 40-something peri-menopausal diabetic, well...that might not be the best choice for me anymore. LOL I'll try to remember to come back and let you know how this preparation method worked for me! Thanks again!
Awesome. Glad to hear. Would love the feedback. Yes, I feel it works great for the regular old fashion type. Thanks for sharing this with others as well. :)
Yes ma'am! I tried this method, and was SHOCKED at how easy it was! Thank you so much for the tip! I also added protein powder to my own bowl, and it was pretty great, although next time I may not use a full scoop..it was VERY vanilla flavored. LOL