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No Excuses, No Gym Workout Needed: 10 Powerful Quick Exercises To Fit Into Any Day

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Jumping for Joy

Can’t fit in an hour a day, or even 3 times a week at a gym? You don’t need to. No worries. There are many ways to get in the exercise you need to stay or get fit in short spurts throughout the day.


Did you know that short intermittent workouts can be as or even more effective than 30 minute or longer workouts. This is important to keep in mind when you are trying to make exercise a part of your daily routine to either get fit, lose weight, maintain strength or to experience any of the many other benefits of regular exercise. There are tons of ways to fit exercise into our daily lives, here are some creative things you may not have tried.

In most cases, our body weight is very useful in many exercise, including for strength training, weight loss, and cardio workouts. Did you know that short spurts of intense movement mixed with shorter periods of resting, interval training or HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training, as it’s called, actually helps burn more fat than a solid 30 or hour of medium speed workout? The important part is not how much time you have but rather what you do with it. Make the most of the 1-15 minute intermissions from other activities to prioritize your healthy, and yourself. After all, if we don’t take care of our bodies and well being, how will we have the energy and stamina we need to take care of others?

No more excuses. You know you need to get more exercise. Let's find simple effective ways to get it without even needing to go to the gym.

How to think about exercise to fit it into your day
If you are not finding time for and prioritizing a 30 minute or hour workout at the gym now, it is likely you are not going to all of a sudden starting having the motivation or time it takes. Rather, focus on the the time you do have right now. When you prioritize exercise and feeling good, the opportunities will present themselves. Don’t leave it for some theoretical time when everything else is done or when the time magically appears in your schedule. Now is the time. With these powerful exercises you can do just about anywhere, you will get the job done quickly without needing to bother with getting to a gym.

Will you look strange? If you do, more power to you. However, if anyone does see you, most people will be admiring you and thinking, “What a great idea, I would like to do that”. Be an example for yourself, your family and yes, whoever else is around. We all need more exercise these days. You are not alone. They may just join you after some time.

Be creative and prioritize exercise
When you are looking for ways to give your body the boost it needs on a regular basis, you will find the time, even if it’s in small sections of time hear and there. You will start using the grocery bags or milk jug as weights. You will use the 5 minutes you have instead of sitting around.

Where to find the time

  • Is there 5 minutes while you are waiting for the kids to get ready to go out the door?
  • How about 10 minutes while you wait for dinner to finish cooking?
  • 2 minutes while you are in line at the store or waiting at the copier?
  • What about the 10 minutes added up when you are walking down the halls or from the parking lots and back again?
  • Can you take 15 minutes while the kids are in the bath and get ready for bed?
  • How about 5 minutes when you roll yourself out of bed just before the last snooze alarm goes off, or even as you are getting dressed?
  • Consider giving yourself 20 minutes when you simply let the rest of the family know this is your time to take care of yourself.

Alternatively, make it a family affair and get they all up off the coach as well. They will thank you for it later on.
The point is, you have the time. Just be creative. Use any chance you can to get the exercise you need. You will very be glad you did. Let’s begin.

Powerful Quick Exercises To Do When You "Don’t Have Time to Exercise”

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1. Twist and Shake- Dance, sing, whatever it takes. Literally twisting, shaking, bouncing and anything that gets the body moving in all directions are all great ways to get the blood pumping, the muscles loosened while being cleansing for the lymphatic system. When you work up a good ‘twist and shake’, you will feel the calories burning. I enjoy this especially to help the body wake up in the morning. Shake it up.

2. Sun Salutation or any yoga pose - The Sun Salutation in particular provides a full body, cardio workout with many other health benefits. A few rounds, you will be feel it and notice a difference in how you feel. If you can’t do a full on downward dog where you are, strike any pose and hold it for a minute or so. Here are just a couple examples of simple poses to try out while standing in line or other “in between activities” - Tree and Warrior.

3. Squats, front, back or side lunges - while cleaning the dishes, brushing your teeth, you name it, you can fit squats or similar movements into almost anything you are working on working on.

4. Stretches, tensing and relaxing muscles - lying in bed in the morning or night, do some of your favorite stretches. Then, to both energize and also relax your muscles, alternatively, tense and relax each muscle group, then your whole body.

5. Running, jumping jacks or similar cardio activity in place - see how fast and hard you can go for 30 seconds - 1 minute. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. You will be amazed at how much of a work out you will get in 5 minutes.

6. Actual stair climber - yes, not only use the stairs when it's an option, take advantage and run up and down them a few extra times. You will be done in the same amount of time it takes to slowly walk.

7. Drop and give me 10 - push ups, sit ups, crunches, you name it. They are all good in short sessions. Just do them. Whether you can do 1 or 50, work with where you are and go from there. Slowly build yourself up. Doing 5 daily will benefit you more than 35 once a week… or never.

8. Jump for Joy with squat jumps - squat down and touch the ground and then jump up into the air. Just do it. Your whole body will thank you. I dare you to even do 10 of them.

9. Bag lifts - whatever you are holding is a weight. Use it. Do 10 reps of bicep curls and then lifting the ‘weight’ above the head with each arm every time you are holding something and you will see a difference in how you look and feel.

10. Dance! Turn on some music and just go to town. Whatever your favorite move is, do it to the fullest.

Enjoy and make it fun. ‘Exercise’ is not about being serious. It’s about moving our bodies. Our bodies are meant to move. That’s when they work the bests. Now get going and let me know many 1-minute (or more) exercises you can fit into your day. I bet you will be amazed. I’d love to hear about your experience.