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Follow These 4 Surprising Healthy Snacks Guidelines For Weight Loss and Energy (Plus 10 of Our Favorites)

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Healthy Snack - Tomato, cheese and basil

Healthy snacks are a part of a healthy diet. Plan your day to have these on-the-go delicious treats with you wherever you go and you will be more likely to stay on your diet plan and see the weight loss results you want. We first have to know what makes up a healthy snack so we know what we are looking for when we grab something quick. Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.


Snacks are as loaded a subject as these comes in diets and healthy eating. The evidence is in and snacking, or grazing as it can be called, has major health benefits. Healthy snacks are a part of a healthy diet. These simple and affordable ideas with help keep you happy and energized throughout the day. Plan your day to have on-the-go delicious treats with you wherever you go and you will be more likely to stay on your diet plan, seeing the weight loss results you want.

First of all, we need to know what makes up a healthy snack so we know what we are looking for when we grab something on-the-go. Follow these 4 simple tips and you’ll be on the right track.

Power-Up With Protein
Healthy clean protein sources makes up some of the best snack options. Firstly, it is the main basic building block of healthy growing bodies. It is a vital nutrient to power us as we play, work, think, and heal. Pack their day with good clean proteins. Consider these facts. Protein is inherently filling. It takes more energy for the body to digest, thus allowing you to burn calories as you eat. Protein-rich foods slows down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream, stabilizing blood sugar and thus plays a role in stabilizing mood. This is key for people of all ages.

Partner-Up with Healthy Food Combinations Including Protein and Fiber Together
Our bodies work best when healthy proteins, fiber and yes, even healthy fats are combined. Some foods contain all 2 or 3 of these vital nutrients naturally. If they don’t, simple food combinations is great way to ensure you get a good dose of the proteins and fiber needed for proper digestion, absorption, and elimination - all essential parts of a healthy body. Remember, complex carbohydrates that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber are not only needed for older adults who sit around all day and need help with #2. We all need enough fiber to help move things along, balance the insulin levels in the blood, helps to detoxify the body and, yes, also plays a vital part in balancing and elevating our mood.

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Fill ‘er Up - Waterlog Your Snacks
Much of the time we feel hungry, we are actually needing water. Making water and watery foods - think healthy fruit, some veggies and even some soups - the primary on-the-go snack is a great way to ensure you give the body what it needs. Water is a primary nutrient is needs to be a key part of any diet. Additionally, it will help quench the hunger and empty-stomach feeling. Water aids proper elimination and detoxification. With all the fiber we should be eating, we need to balance it out with enough water to keep it moving. Ideally, we need about ½ oz of water per pound of body weight, while growing children will need 1 oz per pound.

Leave Out The ‘Other Stuff’
Now that you know what to include in your healthy snack options, please know that is it just as important to know what not to include. There are long lists of chemicals and ingredients that are on the ‘no-no’ list when it comes to proper nutrition and weight loss. The simplest thing to know is that the closer you get to real, whole food, the best off you will be. It can be that simple.

Real snack ideas - what to eat on the go?
How that you have an idea of what to look for, let’s break it down. Here are some great snacks we love to munch on anytime of the day. You may have these fun combinations in your pantry and fridge already, or a quick grocery store run and you will be good to go.

Tasty treats you will enjoy without even noticing they are good for you:

  1. Apples, bananas or celeries with your favorite natural nut butter.
  2. Nutty trail mix galore - make it just a little sweet and salty to satisfy the cravings
  3. Hard-boiled egg
  4. Homemade (air popped) popcorn - some real butter or seasoning is ok too
  5. Veggie sticks with a natural bean dip, hummus, or salsa
  6. Granola and yogurt
  7. Smoothies without added sugar
  8. Any fruit
  9. Tomato with cheese or paneer and basil
  10. Water infused with lemon, cucumbers or herbs

    Try these and see the results for yourself. Let us know your favorites!