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Daily Inspiration and Guided Relaxation On Taking Things Day By Day

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While the day could keep going and pass us by, barely even noticing it, let's take some time right now, yes, now to do so. Put everything aside and just notice for a few minutes what is going on inside and around you. Use this guided relaxation to give yourself a moment of relaxation, of deeper reflection. This is a chance to step back from all the 'doing and just 'be'. You will be amazed at what can come out of such an opportunity. I invite you to give it a try and share your experiences with us below.


Let’s take some time out now a daily dose of inspiration and guided relaxation. Yes, right now. You can afford to relax for a few minutes while reading and listening to this. The list, laundry and worries can wait. They will all be there when you get back. In the meantime, as you take a step back and invite in inspiration through this guided relaxation, you will come back to the same mundane things with a fresh, more alive perspective. You will experience how changing the way you see things, directly and miraculously changes the things themselves. Let’s dive in.

Guided Relaxation and Reflection: Take things day by day

Becoming Present
Allow yourself the opportunity to experience, feel and reflect on the words, not simply glance over them. Allow them to sink in like a warm bath, layer by layer, melting away the stress and limitations. Allow the calm ocean waves of peace and inspiration to wash over you and within you. Allow yourself to just be for right now. Just Be. Witnesses your world, inside and outside. Nothing needs to change and you don’t need to do anything. Watch your live, inside and out, like a movie on a screen in front of you. Become present and witness what is, accepting it just as it is.

Let’s now take a deep breath. Inhale from the belly to the top of the chest. Pause for a moment. Exhale as if you were pouring water out of a vase. Breath in again, filling the belly like you were pouring the water back in the vase, allowing it to fill all the way up, pause, and exhale it out again. Do this a couple more times with a full inhale, brief pause, and full exhale. Now, allow the breath to return to its ‘normal’ rhythm without forcing or controlling it. Watch it for a few more breaths. Notice how the breath travels and moves throughout the body. What parts of the body it flows into easily. Notice where it feels restricted. Just notice.

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Contemplation: Taking things day by day
In this space of greater internal calm, let’s contemplate how we can take our lives day by day. Things move and change all the time. Like the roller coaster, the more we resist the ups and down, the harder the experience will be. Knowing the twists and turns are coming, throwing up our hands in joy allows us to handle and see each moment for what it is all the more. Each day takes its turn, as Jslambert Mister ROBOTO put it. Each day, and each moment in fact, comes and goes like the ocean waves, like the clouds in the sky. They all have their place, their turn, their time to be. Honor them for what each one brings. What gifts they have for you.

The lessons. The steps to walk that are presented in front of you. Let’s honor and be grateful for the role we play each and every day in the lives of those around us, and those we don’t even know. Let’s use a section of the poem by the same name, Each Day Takes Its Turn, to reflect on this idea deeper.

Standing firm
we live
we give
we take
we learn
we make sure
every day enlightens us
and brightens us
as each day takes its turn.

Poetry, as with all art is good for our overall health. Let’s take some time now to create something for ourselves. Reflect on whatever has come up for you during this time. You may want to journal, write a poem of your own, draw a picture, make a colleague from magazine pictures, or play a song to listen or dance to.

Whatever form of expression is calling you, take some time, even a few minutes, to mark it. This moment and this day, has significance and beauty in all you bring to it and all it brings to you. You will never be the same after it passes. The world is richer for you taking this moment of relaxation and daily inspiration as well. Each day does indeed take its turn, and leaves its mark. What we do with it, it up to us. Let’s take things day by day.