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15 Things You Can Do At The Library You Won’t Want to Miss

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Things to do at the library during Summer Break

Whether you go to the library daily or don't have a library card yet, you will be amazed at the variety of things you can do, for free, at your public library. There are more resources than you can imagine waiting there for you to take advantage of them. If you need extra inspiration this Summer, why not use your local library as the jumping off point. Go check it out.


When I walked into my local library, I was immediately inspired by the most unexpected things. It felt like I was on an adventure just a few blocks from my house. Here are some of the things that appealed to me to do at while at the library even a short time. I can't wait to go back and check out some of the other locations in the country as well. What are your favorites library activities?

How long has it been since you have visited your public library? Some good daily, but for the rest of us, let’s take a closer look at what we are missing. Did you know you can do everything from catching a free yoga or Qigong class, catch an inspiring talk or class, learn a craft and much more. Even better, its all free.

When you are in need of some extra inspiration this Summer, why not use your local library as the jumping off point. Let’s look closer at some of the surprising things you can do at the library. It may even inspire you to keep coming back all year round.

15 Surprising things you can do at the library:

1. Yoga and other movement classes for adult - many offer yoga and other therapeutic movement classes. Why always spend the $10 or so if you can make the ones offered at the library. The teachers are often just as good at any studio and have the heart to volunteer their time.

2. Take a break and be inspired - everything from the welcoming librarians, the colorful walls, unique architecture, and deliberately inspiring quotes all around, let yourself go to just take some time out, be inspired and come away feeling refreshed and renewed. Enjoy the garden area they have out front, the comfy chair they have in the back or the view from the 2nd floor. Take a step back from life and get a different perspective.

3. Enjoy art exhibits - almost every time I have gone to the library there are new and noteworthy art pieces all over the walls. Sometimes there are official exhibits of a theme or one artist and other times you may just notice the art that the library has regularly displaced.

4. Poetry - when is the last time you have read good poetry. Find a friend or someone else in the library even who wants to try this: Pick a poetry book that appeals to you and try reading it out loud. Most poetry can have even more feeling and different meanings depending on how it is ready. Try various intonations, pauses, and ways of speaking. Have fun with it.

5. Music - check out the new album of your favorite group, try out a new genre, or pick something totally unexpected to bring home.

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6. FREE Adult classes - there are often classes that you are looking for and ones you never imagined and will truly enjoy right there at your public library available for free. Here are some examples I came across: Heartfulness Meditation, Discover Your Roots at Your Family Reunion, Have No Fear: Misunderstood Animals, Locating Housing Options, AARP Presents: Prepare To Care, Financial Literacy: the Road to Medicare, Understanding Dementia, and more.

7. Children's activities - if you have little ones, you want to make the children’s activity schedule your best friend. Storytime for all age groups is just the beginning. Talk to your library about all the activities, learning and play ideas they have for children of all ages.

8. Book, poetry and writers groups - for the avid writers and readers, there are must haves. Having a community of others you can connect with around a similar passion is priceless.

9. Play silent hide and go seek - you didn’t hear it from me, though.

10. Talks, lectures and educational events - be sure to be up on the special events and speakers coming through. They should not be missed.

11. Legal, health insurance, domestic violence and other needed advice and counseling - the library will either provide these services directly or certainly have contacts and information about where you can search the advice and services needed. Do talk to the librarians. I think they are probably among the most non-judgemental humans on earth. They may even be a different species. (The old ‘mean librarian’ stereotype is so outdated. If you haven’t meet one recently, you are missing out.)

12. Learn another language or volunteer to help someone else learn English - helping others learn English or work on their citizenship is also a great way to brush up on your skills at learning the language of the person you are working with. You both win.

13. Check out the knitting or craft groups - try out a new hobby, brush up on your skills, bring an unfinished project and get some advice from the regulars.

14. Author appearances and readings - meat local or traveling authors and get a chance to hear the stories behind the story and get your questions answered directly. There is nothing like hearing the story in the voice to the author, with their passion and dedication.

15. Get lost in a book you didn’t expect - yes, while this doesn’t have to be the main reason to go to the library always, the titles and covers will draw you in without effort at times. Even when I am just going there to get a movie for the night, my eyes and feet lead me to new territory each time. Feel free to explore and see what you end up curled up flipping through.

Enjoy and share with us some of your favorite things to do at the library. What book, movie or CD have you checked out recently?