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Should we be proud of Wonder Woman or not?

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Women and girls comparing themselves to Wonder Woman. Why we must stop comparing and be proud of who we are.


When Wonder Woman first came on the scene in comic books she wasn't an overnight sensation. When she first came out she was shunned much like Superman. The reasons were numerous. She was dressed scantily, she was portrayed as being tortures, chained, harmed. These things led the to mountains of critics which in turn started to increase her popularity.

Wonder Woman was has always worn very little no matter the movie, TV show, or comic book appearance she has made. She has been blonde and her signature black hair. She has been chained, tortured, captured, and still manages to learn dark secrets and save the day. The woman even has an invisible jet for goodness sake! But what kind of message does her popularity have on today's culture?

In this era of extreme soul searching and striving to better ourselves and our children do we really need Wonder Woman as an icon? What does she really say to us now? Has it changed from the 1950's housewife era? This is an extremely personal question that we as women must answer.

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I have a daughter and like most children wants to mimic everything that mommy does. She will get her bottle of lotion to rub all over her feet at night, put on perfume before we leave the house, lick the spoon after making fresh whipped cream, and even try to fold the towels in the small square patterns as I do. But she has never seen me running around in a super hero underwear get up with thick make up. No, she sees mommy in her sweats, jeans, dresses, and the occasional fancy garb.

I don't have to dress up to be her hero. I don't have to slay bad guys to show her how strong mommy can be. She sees that in me each and everyday. She sees the strength it takes to home school and be a home maker despite an autoimmune disease that ravages my body at times. She sees me put on a brave face when I lay in the hospital bed feeling like death but manage to smile and kiss her head gently. She sees me be slaying the bad guys when I have to show the bill company that they wrongly overcharged us this month. No, I don't have an invisible jet, although it would be cool, I have a typical mom car that gets us from point a to b and back safely.

When the new Wonder Woman came out I debated about going to see it. I know it's only a movie and movies aren't real but how does my daughter see that? Does she see Wonder Woman as someone she should strive to be. Should she be ready at a moments notice to defend herself from nothing but evil in the world? Should I teach her to kick, punch, and use weapons against people? Should she be striving to fit into a little skimpy costume as only that would make her accepted in society? How does she see herself without all that make up?

I may be old fashioned or may want to shelter my little girl but in this world I believe that is the only choice. I also believe we as women put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect by media standards that we forget who we are and how much of a super hero we are everyday just as we are. We gave birth for goodness sake! Some of us did and some almost lost our lives doing that. Many of us put on our capes and go to work each day to earn the money for our families and we do it alone! Most of us tend to the house ourselves to include making minor repairs by watching you tube and hoping we don't implode the house.

We as women are heroes each and everyday that we get up and join society! We do not need anyone to show our children any different. We have been too dependent on society to tell us what strong looks like. What a survivor looks like. What courage looks like. Today, take back you. Find the Wonder Women in who you already are! Celebrate your triumphs, your quirks, your weaknesses and prevail. That is who your daughter, niece, cousin, friend should be looking up to. You are tangible. Be present and roar cause you rock the way you are.



There are so many negative role models out there for girls, but Wonder Woman isn't one of them. She's strong, opinionated, has high societal morals, and doesn't let anyone intimidate her. How many super-heroes do we as woman have? BatGIRL, SuperGIRL, the various Assassins? You won't be your daughter's hero forever; I hope she finds a worthy replacement!
Thanks for the perspective.