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Why I have a portable toilet in car with older kids

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Being equipped with a portable toilet in your car with kids of all ages is a wise choice and you may need it too.


We all have had those moments when from behind the driver's seat comes a voice crying out in desperation that mother nature is calling. She wasn't calling when you made the final call to empty all bladders before you left the house, nor was she calling when you were within the limits of any civilized town. No, no, she is calling as soon as you turn on to that country road in the middle of nowhere or that city traffic jam that has you trapped between a semi truck and creepy van with no windows. You cringe at hearing those words and turn around with lasers in your eyes because this seems to always happen. Yes, I have been there my friend.

Maybe that never happens to you but maybe you've been having a wonderful picnic lunch at the local park and to your surprise the public restroom is under renovation or locked. You look around in sheer horror and try to forma game plan for you and your clan. Should we go behind the building, which of course, offers zero coverage and in most places using the restroom in public is illegal. Should we make a dash for the nearest tree line? No, the neighborhood of house will probably report you as well. Any of this sound familiar?

My last straw came on the day we were out a public fishing area and my dear sweet girl had to use the restroom. Being the well planned smart mom that I am, of course I was prepared. I whipped out the toilet paper and hand sanitizer and headed for the nearest place that provided the most coverage. Unfortunately, that was behind a small brick building with a concrete pad. My daughter protested and I stood firm.

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Not being able to hold it any longer she asked me to hold her hands while she squatted for balance. Before I realized what happened the surge of moisture was approaching quickly all over my flip flopped feet. I flinched and let go of her hands. She fell back and into the pile of pee. I laughed, yelled, and apologized all at the same time. She was grossed out and wanted to hide in a hole. Screaming she asked how she was supposed to go back over there to her friends.

Well, I told her that well planned mommy also had a dry set of clothes and shoes in the car for everyone. I was given the evil eye as I walked back to the car. Once the situation was abated, I got to thinking. Imagine that my mommy brain thinking about solutions. I thought about carrying empty buckets, Gatorade bottles, and even a bucket. But none of those ideas sounded reasonable or appealing. I asked the group of ladies I was with what they would do.

To my surprise every one of them had a child's potty in their car. I looked at all of them as if they just told me I was the winner of a brand new car. How come I had never thought to do this? Where had this idea been hiding in all my child rearing days? A kids potty, compact, clean, useful. Voila! The answer had been revealed.

The next day I went a hunting for a potty. I searched in some of my favorite thrift stores and at the last location found a brand new marked at half off the cosigned price! Cha-ching! My lucky day. I scooped up my find and shoved in the back of the car. Now I was armed for the next crises.

Since buying that potty, we have used it several times and it hasn't just been kids. We've had plenty of adults crouch down low in odd places thankful for that plastic bag lined jewel. With families on the go today I think this is as essential as having snacks and wipes on hand. I cannot sing enough praise about this addition. So if you have ever been in this predicament I can suggest running, not walking, out and getting one of these babies for your vehicle today.