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Why my kids will watch R Rated movies

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When the weekends come in my household, it’s usually a time when we can all play catch up. Whether its homework, chores, or work. When we all get a break, it can almost be considered a miracle, and when these little miracles come along, we like enjoying it by watching a movie or two. Sometimes we will watch a ‘Kids’ movie, and sometimes we will decide to watch a movie that is at a higher rating. The question is though, how do we decide what is considered appropriate and not appropriate for children.


Unlike myself, my spouse is a movie buff. If you name any movie from the 70’s to now, it’s more than likely that my spouse has seen it, or will want to see it. Because of this, my stepdaughters (mainly SD8) have the same love for movies. However, like all parents, we have come to a point where we no longer go by the individual movie ratings to choose movies for my stepdaughters. Instead, we use our own discretion. Like all kid appropriate movies, we have no problem letting our girls watch G rated or PG rated movies.

However, when it comes PG-13 and R rated movies, we do use our own discretion.

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PG-13 vs R Rated for Children

First off, with any movie we let our girls watch, we have made sure that we have seen the whole movie from beginning to end, and we know exactly what is to be expected in the movie. Secondly, my spouse and I decide why a movie is given the rating it is given. For example, there are many PG-13 movies that have a great plot and content, but because of the language it may use, it has instead been given a higher rating than PG.

Next, my spouse and I decide what we deem appropriate and what isn’t. For example, in our household, we don’t see language as a problem since we have taught our girls that some language is only meant for adults, and even if you hear it as children, it does not make it okay to say. While, violence and adult situations can vary on what we deem appropriate, we do not allow any sexual content. Lastly, we make sure the lines of communication are open. If there is a situation playing out in a movie, our girls feel comfortable enough to ask us exactly what is going on, and why it is going on.

Overall, when speaking to others, we had heard mixed feelings on how we do things. While some people agree with our method of doing things, others say that we are wrong. The most important lesson we like to portray to our girls is reality. While Disney and fairy tales are fine and well, that is not reality. Reality isn’t always the good times; sometimes, you must go through the bad to get to the good, and it movies that have a higher rating that helps us portray that to our girls.