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What To Get For Father’s Day

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Father's Day

I didn’t exactly have "World’s #1 Dad." Instead, my grandpa filled that role for me, and that’s where all my Father’s Day arts and crafts went. I love my grandpa more than I could explain, but I was very aware of the fact that I didn’t have what I considered a normal father/daughter relationship. With this being the first Father’s Day with my spouse, I have been ecstatic to find the “perfect gift” for Father’s Day. I would scroll through my Pinterest just looking for a DIY project to complete with my stepdaughter even possibly signing get my baby’s name who is still in my belly (A girl!). Although, that all changed this past week.


A few nights ago, I began having cramping in my stomach, my back, and spotting. At almost seven months pregnant, it was way too soon for any of this to be happening, so I did want I thought I should do. As tired as I was, I stayed awake, drank some water, and tried to keep calm; but, I wasn’t alone doing this. My Spouse was next to me the whole time. Googling my symptoms, getting ready to take me to the hospital at a moment’s notice, and even simply giving a reassuring hug when I needed it.

After that episode, we made the conscious decision to have a weekend of nothing but tranquility. We told our in-laws we would not be participating in any dinners and his daughters (my stepdaughters) even stayed at their mom’s for the first time in who knows how long. We were both more than ready for this needed break for the world. Fast forward to this morning.

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We see a spider crawling across our kitchen floor. After a quick discussion, it was decided to make a quick run to Target and do a deep clean in the kitchen. I wash up quickly and as I pull the bathroom drawer for my hair brush, there the whole thing goes on my foot. Instantly I feel the shooting pain, followed by throbbing as tear from pain goes down my face. Before I can lift my head, there’s my spouse trying to support my weight and escort me to the couch.

After a quick lookover to confirm that my toe wasn’t broken and more of a crush wound, we continue with our errands and chores. About three quarters of the way through cleaning the kitchen, I find myself sitting in the middle of the kitchen, Clorox wipes on my left, degreaser on my right, a kicking baby inside of me, and a throbbing bruised toe. I was ready to throw in the towel. That was, until my spouse gave me words of encouragement to keep going. It was a struggle, but my spouse picked up the slack when I couldn’t, and made sure I took breaks in-between. As I sat there that’s when I realized something. I forgot my spouse.

As moms having jobs, school, and kids, we can sometimes begin seeing our spouse in his role as a father instead of seeing him simply as the man that you had fallen in love with. Personally, it took me a crushed toe and almost a meltdown to realize this. I want to try and save you the pain of that. Just as us moms feel like we are losing ourselves, the fathers in our lives can also feel the same way.

I encourage all mothers to take this Father’s Day and not only celebrate fatherhood, but also celebrate the man who is an individual that filled the role of a father. Instead of doing what I wanted in the form of an extravagant project, I decided to keep it simple. I decided I would look at who my spouse is as a person, and what makes him happy. The easiest answer for that is uninterrupted time to play Call of Duty on his PS4 and a Star Wars marathon. Once again, I realized it was my spouse that was teaching me something. He was teaching me that not everything needs to be a huge to-do. Instead, it’s okay to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. And that’s how our household will be spending Father’s Day.