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How To Do Pregnancy Kick Counts

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Pregnancy Kick Counts

As you progress in your pregnancy, you may have heard of a thing called kick counts. While at first pregnancy kick counts were something that I would never do or do occasionally, I was wrong. It has become a part of my daily routine.


Based on my baby’s usual activity, I like to do two counts a day: one in the morning and one at night, but you can do a pregnancy kick count every two hours. However, keep in mind that while you may feel flutters in your stomach as early as 13 weeks, kick counts are most accurate and meant to be done in the third trimester (Sutter Health).

Step 1 of Pregnancy Kick Counts: the best way to feel your baby is when you are laying on your left side. While doing so, pay attention to any kicks, rolls, or punches that your baby does.

Step 2: Use a timer to time how often each move comes in at. This will help you understand what is normal movement for your baby.

Step 3: After feeling 10 movements you may stop counting, but it is important to keep records of when and how long you baby reached 10 movements. This will also help keep track of what is and is not normal for your baby.

Like anyone else, babies can have their times where they are stubborn and decide they don’t want to move there are ways who can help get them to move.

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Change Positions: If lying on your left side doesn’t work. Try lying on your right side or sitting up. Personally, I can feel my baby best if I sit up on the couch with my feet up.

Eat Something Sweet: this can help give your baby a small sugar rush that they made need to start kicking. My go-to is usually fruit juice or a small piece of chocolate. Or if sweets aren’t your thing, you can always have a glass of ice cold water.

Listen to Music: It’s always fun to introduce your baby to some of your favorite tunes. For my baby, she usually likes some classic rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd Anyone?)

Press on your belly: It’s always okay to give your baby a little nudge (Softly of course). When I do try this, I don’t get much of a reaction from her; so, this is not something I do too often.

Being in the third trimester, you may be anxious to see your baby’s face, but it’s always important to make sure they are well inside of your womb. By using pregnancy kick counts you can always be reassured that baby is doing great in your belly.

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