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Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy: Push and Pay Off Will Be Worth It

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Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in any woman’s life. The act of growing a human being can be an amazing thing, but there can be many setbacks during this time. Some include morning sickness and fatigue, but one of the lesser known symptoms of pregnancy include Carpal Tunnel. Swelling from pregnancy can put pressure on different nerves on your body, especially in your hands.


Usually these symptoms pop up around the end of the second trimester and it may begin with minor uncomfortable tingling, but can continue to pain and numbness in your wrist, hands and fingers. While it may be uncomfortable, there are ways to help get through it.

Stretch: If you are constantly working with your hands, it’s important to take periodical breaks to stretch out your fingers and hands. If it’s painful to stretch your hands, you can always try to shake them to get some feel back in your hands.

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Use the Proper Position: If you have a job that using repetitive motion (typing, cleaning, etc) it’s important to try and keep your wrist/hands straight and do any motion gently
Get a Good Sleep: If you’re anything like myself, it’s a very natural thing to sleep on your hands. The best way to avoid having carpal tunnel is try not to use your hands, and instead use a pillow. It may be uncomfortable at first, but your hands will thank you!

Blood Flow is Key: What causes carpal tunnel is the Swelling of nerves in your hands and wrist. The best way to prevent this is to get the blood flowing! Shake your hands, or if your laying down, put your hands above your head. With your hands above your head, gravity does you the favor of blood flowing down towards your body; thus, your hands not swelling.

Talk to your Doctor: While these tips are great ways to get through the uncomfortable side effects of Carpal Tunnel, this is not a cure-all. It is always best to check with your doctor. They may be able to prescribe you something to ease the side effects.

All in all, your body is amazing. Don’t let Carpal Tunnel get you down. Push through it and the pay off (your bouncing baby boy or girl.) will all be worth it.