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Probiotic: One Easy Step to Get Better Sleep

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Better sleep at night

Are you waking up in the morning feeling like you never really went to sleep? Here is one easy step to get better sleep.


There have been a lot of studies recently into gut health and how important it is. One of the biggest discoveries is that gut health may influence sleeping. According to this study, observations revealed a link between diet and bacterial populations in the gut and the control of the circadian clock. In essence, what you eat and the condition of your gut (a healthy number of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria) can affect your sleeping patterns.

The best thing I have done for my sleep

Now, there are a few ways to improve your gut health, two of the biggest ones being improve your diet and taking a probiotic. Improving your diet can be a huge lifestyle change and sometimes we are not able to make that kind of change. You should always strive to eat healthy and make better decisions, but some days it can be hard to keep this habits in place; especially if you have multiple children, or multiple jobs, or a high demand job. One way to ensure that you are still making a good choice for your overall health and sleep, take a probiotic. The best thing I have done for my sleep is take a good probiotic.

In fact, probiotics are a natural health remedy and here are 5 points to remember. You may also know about the sleep benefits of prebiotics and these prebiotic foods naturally help with sleep.

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What is a probiotic?

This article from hyperbiotics.com gets in-depth and is a great read on this subject. Basically, a probiotic is a strand of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria in the gut can help in a lot of ways; what I am focusing on in this article is how it helps your body produce your sleep hormones at the right time, specifically serotonin.

Serotonin and Sleep

Serotonin is mostly known as the “happy’ chemical; it helps you regulate your moods and plays an important role in sleep quality. There was a study done and researchers discovered that rats who had a deficiency in serotonin had disruptive sleep cycles or restless sleep. A significant amount of serotonin is produced in the gut and improving your gut health, making sure enough good bacteria is in your microbiome, makes sure that your body is producing the right amount at the right time to ensure that you are getting good sleep.

Taking a probiotic is one easy step to get better sleep

So, knowing what we know about gut health, serotonin production, and serotonins role in improving your sleep you can see why taking a probiotic is important. This will help your gut get rid of any bad bacteria in there and help the good bacteria that is in there do their jobs correctly. One of those jobs, making sure you get better sleep.