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My Experience with Breastfeeding in Public

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I wanted to write this article because this is something important to me, being able to feed my son. He won’t eat with a cover, he gets distracted by it and will try to pull it towards him; I decided to breast feed because of all the health, developmental, and emotional benefits it has for him and for me. So I want to tell you about my experience breastfeeding in public.


It all started with a lot of reading
While I was pregnant I did a lot of reading about what to expect, and there were a few things that were deemed really important and kept coming up in all of the articles.

  • What a good latch should feel and look like
  • What lip and/or tongue ties were and what the signs are that your baby had one
  • What a lactation consultant was and why it was important to go see one
  • Breast pumps, what they are, why you need one, and how to use it

Last but not least, I read a lot about different women’s experiences breastfeeding in public and found out that:

  • The general public is against you breastfeeding in public.

This freaked me out a lot, pregnancy hormones made me take it a lot harder than it was intended, and had me thinking that this was going to be a fight every time I went out. I want to say right now that I am in no way saying that women who have had a hard time are lying, wrong, making it up, or that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. I realize that everyone has a different experience and for some people that is a bad one and those women need your support.

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How it was for me

Now, my experience breastfeeding in public was a lot different than what I had read about and was expecting. I had prepared myself to become a public pariah because that is what a lot of the articles made it seem like, but it ended up being way worse in my head. For the most part, people just kind of ignored what I was doing. If we were talking they just kept the conversation going while I got situate; if they were walking by they just kept walking. There were no disgusted stares in restaurants or people asking me to cover up because their kids were bothered by it.

Through my journey so far, I have been met with a lot of support. People have offered my rooms where I might be more comfortable because there was a couch or people telling me “You go girl, feed your baby.”

My experience breastfeeding in public was a good one

Again, I’m not writing this to discredit the real challenges that breastfeeding moms have faced and our facing. I just want some mommas that are just starting out to know that it isn’t always a battle. There are people out there you will support you and you can do it! This doesn’t mean you will never have people who disagree with you or feel or should do it differently but it may not be a battle every time you go out. Sometimes, people surprise you and are just excited that there is a cute baby they can interact with, as soon as he is done eating of course.