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Love Coffee? Think about what it could do to your skin

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Coffe scrubs

There were a lot of rewards to working at Starbucks. I got free drinks all day, a free food item, a free pound of coffee per week; not to mention good pay, great benefits, and Starbucks is just a great company to work for. There was an unforeseen benefit though, that I never would have thought of: caffeine can be good for your skin.


My surprise when I went home

I hadn’t really noticed an improvement until I took a trip back home to East Texas and just about everyone commented on how good my skin was looking. I was a little curious because I hadn't been doing anything new for my skin care, or so I had thought. The only thing different was that I worked at a coffee shop, so I started researching if caffeine could have played a role in the improvements I had been seeing in my skin. I was surprised to find out that caffeine can be good for your skin.

Caffeine can be good for your skin?

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Now, it doesn't come from drinking coffee unfortunately. However, caffeine that is applied topically can work wonders for your skin! One of the biggest things that I noticed was my skin was firmer looking and my pores were smaller, which fits right in with caffeine can do. According to Livestrong.com one of the side effects of having too much caffeine can be dehydration, which can be bad for you when you're drinking too much coffee; but this can be put to good use when it comes to skin care. Drawing out any extra moisture in your skin can help your skin appear firmer and help your pores from expanding, reducing the size of them. This makes it perfect for cellulite cream, which is why it is now very common for these creams to contain caffeine.

Because caffeine is a stimulant, which means that it is a substance that raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body. When taken internally, this can help stimulate the brain and wake you up quicker. It can also help to give you more energy for a while and help you focus. When applied topically this can cause more blood flow to the skin which has a number of good uses. This study from Boundless gets more in depth but basically when blood flow is restricted to your skin it will look paler; washing you out and removing any natural rosiness you might have. When you increase blood flow to the skin, the opposite happens. Color returns to your skin, increasing the appearance of natural coloring. This can help make you appear younger and healthier.

We already knew we loved it, now we just have one more reason

When I started Starbucks, I knew the financial benefits I would get and I understood the coffee benefits. I had no idea thought that caffeine is good for your skin and my skincare would benefit greatly from working there. As I started researching a whole lot of options opened up for my skincare routine; a lot more natural options as well. My favorite has been a coffee scrub. This can gently exfoliate your skin while giving you all the benefits listed above. So, for all of you coffee lovers out the, caffeine is good for your skin. Just one more reason to love it!