Why My Babies Wear Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

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Historically it is believe that when worn on the skin, body heat causes Baltic amber to release an oil containing succinic acid, which if absorbed into the skin, might act like a natural Ibuprofen, so do Baltic amber teething necklaces work or not? Are they just a placebo effects or are they actually helping?


In-short, all amber is fossilized tree resin. Baltic amber in particular, mined from near the Baltic Sea, additionally contains a substance called succinic acid.

Each Baltic amber teething necklace is handcrafted by Lithuanian artisans, known locally as 'Masters', who carefully polish and round the shape of each Baltic amber bead so it rests gently against the skin. This ensures maximum skin contact and comfort.

I got my first Baltic amber teething necklace for my 3rd child. She was a happy baby and slept well and never fussed much over getting teeth. She wore the Baltic amber teething necklace for several months until she figure out how to remove it by herself (it had a magnetic clasp) and I took it away.

Fast forward to baby number 4, she was a very sweet and content baby until she started getting molars. Than she turned into a fussy drooling mess. She would chew on everything and even vomited from sticking her hand so far into her mouth because of her painfully swollen gums, I decided to order another necklace, I ordered one with a screw on clasp and in the correct size for her.

The new Baltic amber teething necklace arrived in the mail a few days later, I put it on her and that evening i noticed she wasn't drooling aasnd she wasn't chewing on things or stuffing her hand in her mouth. She slept peacefully that night and her molars came in a couple weeks later almost unnoticed, now I was convinced they work.

I put a Baltic amber teething necklace on baby number 5 at a few months old and he got all his baby teeth with no fussing.


Baby number 6 was a fussy baby with reflux issues. I decided to try a Baltic amber and hazel-wood necklace. It made a difference in the amount he spit up. And he fussed less after eating, but than he started teething and he was super fussy. I realized that the few amber stones on his Hazelwood necklace may not be enough so I got him a second necklace a Baltic amber teething necklace, His next round of teeth came in with very little fussing on his part.

baltic amber teething necklace

I have friends who swear by their Baltic necklaces and other friends who say there is no scientific evidence and it's all a placebo effect, but placebo or not I think it's made a positive difference in my children, and they are absolutely adorable.

Baltic amber teething necklaces come in several different shades. Butter yellow, red, orange and almost black, there are a few things to consider to safely put a Baltic amber teething necklace on a baby, Baltic amber teething necklaces should be worn against the area in need. For example, if a baby is teething, then the baby will benefit most from a Baltic amber teething necklace worn near the neck/jaw area, if you're not comfortable with a Baltic amber necklace on a baby you can get an Baltic amber anklet instead.

The healing properties of these necklaces are actually released by the warmth of skin – so simply laying upon your child’s skin is enough for the necklace to work, standard size baby Baltic amber teething necklaces are about 12.5 inches Amber is delicate and is meant for wearing, not chewing, so if baby can get a 12.5 inch necklace into their mouth than order a smaller size, you want the Baltic amber teething necklace to be long enough as to not be too tight, but not too long that they’ll find it often and try to chew on it.

I like Baltic amber teething necklaces with screw clasps as they do not undo to easily. But don't worry, when given enough force, the cotton string is designed to break within the necklace (bracelet or anklet), which is why it's important that each piece of amber is individually knotted. It's also recommend to remove the Baltic amber teething necklace at bedtime.

What’s your experience with Baltic amber teething necklaces if you have used them or considering one?



Just to balance this story, readers are encouraged to see these study conclusions too. Amber jewellery: A dangerous popular trend for toddlers during their teething months and beyond DOI: 10.1111/jpc.13124 Also please see this conclusion from the following study. "Putting necklaces on young children is dangerous. This risk must be diffused by all professionals working with small children in order to stop any publicity or sale of this ineffective product implicated in infant deaths by strangulation." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22925538