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Why I Got My Husband Cleaning Supplies for Father's Day

Cleaning supplies for Father's Day

Father's day is next week and I got my husband cleaning supplies, for cleaning our vehicles.


First of all washing you own car is a great way to save money it's also a great experience for kids and Dad's. I started out by getting several kid size wash mitts at Dollar tree, I hope to get a few more before Father's day so we have one for each child.

Then because we drive a 15 passenger van I got a long brush, if you drive a smaller vehicle you may not need a long brush. Then I got an adult size wash mitt and several microfiber cloths. Then some soap made just for washing cars. Some people recommend using dish soap but it can be hard on the paint so if possible a car wash soap is better.

Grease, rubber, and road-tar deposits picked up from the road often accumulate around the wheel wells and along the lower edge of the body. These can be stubborn to remove and may require a stronger product, such as a bug-and-tar remover.

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Don't wash your car when the body is hot, such as immediately after driving it or after it has been parked in direct sunlight for awhile. Heat speeds the drying of soap and water, making washing more difficult and increasing the chances that spots or deposits will form, so park in the shade if you plan to wash it.

My kids love helping wash the van, it keeps them (and my husband) busy all afternoon and it's a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

One of the best things of hand washing your vehicle is it can be a fun activity which you can enjoy with your kids. Your children can get to learn more about how to maintain cars and how to effectively clean each vehicle part. Automatic car washes are extremely boring. All you have to do is sit on the seats and wait for your vehicle to get washed. Therefore, it doesn’t provide you an opportunity to teach your kids the importance of keeping a car clean.

Children are like sponges, they soak up everything so we need to make every day a teaching opportunity and be sure to incorporate good life lessons in our every day activities