My preschooler is still rear facing in a car seat and this is why

3 year old in a rear facing car seat

Yes that's right my 3.5 year old still sits in a rear facing car seat. Why? Keep reading and I'll tell you my reasons why my 3 years old is rear facing in a car seat.


First and most importantly because it's the safest way for children to ride. It's 5 times safer. Rear facing in a car seat provides the most protection for their neck and spine.

A newborns spine is made of bone connected by cartilage as they grow this cartilage slowly changes to bone. This process is called ossification.


At 2 years old a child has a 10% chance of spinal ossification. At 3 years old a 50% chance and by age 4 a whopping 90% chance of spinal ossification.

This is why my children all rear face to 4 years old. The AAP recommends rear facing to 2 years old or to the height and weight limits of their convertible seat.

Children are a gift and we need to do our best to keep them safe and protected started from their first car ride. In my yesterday's story at eMaxHealth I discussed some car seat basics that every parent needs to know, especially for making their first ride home a safe trip.

And we need to continue to keep them safe for every car ride. And for me that means keeping them rear facing to 4 year old.


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