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The 5 Stages of Childhood Development - Watching Your Baby become an Adult

Big brother holding baby.

Life is full of stages. And some seem to last forever. Here are some ideas to make the most of every stage of childhood development.


1) The newborn stage.

Long sleepless nights, midnight feedings, 27 diaper changes, milk, milk and more milk, learn what things baby likes and doesn't like.

But this too will pass...

Take time to enjoy your baby. This is such a short stage. This is the only time in their life that baby is totally dependent on you. Don't get so stressed out trying to do every perfect that you forget to cherish every moment. Take lots of pictures. Kiss them, love them.

2)The baby stage.

Rolling, crawling,walking, climbing. The getting into everything stage. Trying new foods and lots of baths. This too will pass.

It's time to baby proof your house! Baby gates on the stairs, locks on the kitchen cabinets, outlet covers and more. Let baby grow, learn and explore in a safe environment.

3) The toddler stage.

Talking, tantrums, potty training, picky eaters, busy, and non stop energy

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This too will pass.

Toddlers are like a Sponge. They soak up everything. Make sure you are setting a positive example so they soak up goodness. Avoid power struggles, let them be in charge of things like what color shirt they wear or what fruit to eat for snack.

4) The school age child

First days away from Mom, learning and growing, school bus, homework, sports games. This too will pass.

The long busy days of childhood. But don't overload your child with school work and activities. Make sure they have time to play and to just enjoy being a child. Limit after school activities to 1 day a week so that they don't get overdone.

Teenage child stage

5)The Teen Aged Child

Attitude, drivers ed, high school, first jobs, not quite a child but not yet an adult.

This too will pass.

Make your child's teenage years happy years. Give them just enough independence to learn the skills they need as an adult but not so much they loose the innocence of childhood to quickly. These are their last year's at home. The last year's under your care and guidance. Use the time wisely.

The days are long but the years are short. Everything is a stage and will be over before you know it. Treasure the days you have with your child. Take a step back, slow down. Enjoy every day
Because this too will pass and you will wish it hadn't.