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Birth Plans: Why they are important for all births

Pregnant woman preparing for child birth

Whether you are having a hospital birth or home birth, it is vital you have a birth plan.


What is a birth plan

A birth plan is written by you and your spouse stating your wants and desires before, during and after birth. This is important if you have special requests.

Hospital Birth Plan

A hospital birth plan will differ from a homebirth plan. A hospital birth will go further into details about what you want during birth and after. Most of your labor will most likely be at home. If you are scheduled for a c-section or induction than you will want to include your wants and needs from start to finish.

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Home birth Plans

A home birth plan will be a bit less specific, because most of your wishes will be met. This differs from the hospital in one big way, you will need to plan out a hospital transfer. Hospital transfers happen for two reasons a medical emergency or you have chosen to transfer for pain management.

Once you decide who your Midwife or OB will be, you than will discuss your birth plan. Than you should put it in writing and give a copy to your provider. Also when you go to the hospital, give a copy to your nurse. They will do the best they can to meet all your needs.

Here is a sample list of what you may want to include in your birth plan.

  1. Limited monitoring
  2. Able to walk around
  3. Allowed to drink instead of IV fluids
  4. NO IVs unless medically necessary
  5. NO pain medication unless asked for
  6. NO episiotomy
  7. Low lights
  8. Only Dr and nurse in delivery room, other medical staff please stay outside the room.
  9. Mother and Father to deliver baby. Mom or dad will "catch". (Yes this is doable in a hospital)
  10. Keep placenta
  11. NO vaccines
  12. NO bath
  13. Mom and dad will bathe baby
  14. Baby to stay in the room with mom at all times, unless medically necessary
  15. No/Yes to circumcision
  16. Breastfeeding or Formula

You can have a beautiful birth at a hospital or at home. Be sure your needs and wants are heard. When your deep in labor your birth plan will speak for you. Happy Birthing.