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To the mothers of a sick child, I know the stress you are under

mother and sick child

I want to provide to you a few tips that might help you through this storm. First a little background about my own child whom was born very sick. Our daughter Sophie was born on Valentine's Day, soon after birth she stopped breathing. One thing lead to another and all her major organs shut down.


She was put on ECMO and due to that suffered 2 major brain hemmorages. Dr's said she wouldn't make, if she by any chance did she would be in a vegetative state. 

Now moms this was one of the hardest storms I have walked through and here are a few things I learned. 

1. Lean On God. Without him I wouldn't have made it through this storm.

2. Please mothers take care of yourself. Easier said than done, I know. You need to. You need to eat and drink. Carry protein bars and lots of water. Protein drinks are also good. Something healthy. You need good foods/snacks to keep your energy up. 

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3. Rest when you can. Your brain is in overdrive e right now. Get some rest so your body can rest. 

4. Get a notebook. So very important. Your going to hear things like...blood gases, CBC, WBC, and so on. Learn what all of it means and keep track of everything. All the test results. 

5. Be there when the Dr's do their rounds. Very important. You will learn so much as they discuss what type of treatments they are thinking about doing. 

6. Last but definitely not least...lean on others. I kept so much in. The stress was mentally and physically overwhelming. It's okay to get it out. Talk to the nurses (some will become life long friends). Reach out to family and friends. You will need others during this time. Lean on them. Ask them for any help you may need. 

Mommas you stay strong.