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Laundry - my least favorite task, until now


Okay moms, who here doesn't like spending hours a week on laundry? Not me. I found a system that works well for us. I want to share it with you. It isn't anything fancy, and cost less than $5.


We have a lot of laundry, and I truly mean A LOT! I think when I turn my head it multiplies!! For our large family, I had to find a solution that helped me stay on top of it. I want to share with you what had worked well with us.

I have 8 children and they seem to go through numerous outfits a day. I even have a rule, one outfit a day, which some children think doesn't apply to them. They feel if they get a drop of water on their clothes, they need to change. You feel my pain, huh!!

This was starting to be a problem. I just don't have all the time in the world to keep up on it all. So I came up with a solution that SO FAR had worked well. To top it off I only had to spend a little over $5 on the supplies. What mom wouldn't love that!

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Our oldest boys are teenagers they are both responsible for their clothes. They have certain days a week they are supposed to do their laundry.

So this is what we do for the 6 other children. I went to the dollar tree and purchased 4 different colored baskets. Each child picked what color they wanted, and we placed them in the bathroom. The kids are young enough that they think it is so cool to have their own baskets!! Mommy win!! Everytime they take a bath or change clothes,they put their dirty laundry in their basket. When they get full each child carries their basket to the washer and puts it in. The baskets are small, so all the 6 kids clothes makes for one load. It works out great.

They are even in charge of hanging/folding them and putting them away. We play a game to help with this task. I will admit they aren't a fan of hanging and folding. Who is really! So I put on music or a timer. Who gets the most done in a certain amount of time wins! It is a bit of a mad house as they wrestle with hangers and run to their closets, but they have fun. Why not make a mundane task fun!

Giving each child this job helps me out, and makes them feel good as well! We are a large family and everyone is learning from a young age to help in some way or another. I saw this quote and it is what we tell the children often. "Put your hands to work, and hearts to God".

Hope this helps you to conquer your laundry!!