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I Budget $100 a Week To Feed My Family of 10

Family dinner With Low Budget

Eating healthy and budget sometimes don't mix, right!? I want to share with you how we eat healthy and stay within our budget of $100 a week. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like any recipes. So this is my story of how to feed a family of 10 on 100 a week.


We have a budget every month (so important). As I stated above we are a family of 10. Groceries can quickly become a huge expense if you let it. We love to eat. With 2 teenagers and 6 little children, I needed to find a way to feed my family healthy foods on a budget.

So let me start out by sharing one of our weekly meal plans. They are cheap and affordable.

Breakfast- blueberry smoothies
Lunch- homemade lunchables
Dinner- Fish tacos with Baja sauce

Breakfast- yogurt and homemade Granola
Lunch- peanut butter and jelly
Dinner- chicken parmesan and side salad.

Breakfast- Oatmeal with blueberries
Lunch- turkey and cheese lettuce wraps
Dinner- leftovers

Breakfast- homemade pancakes with maple syrup
Lunch- turkey sandwiches
Dinner- chicken pot pie with homemade biscuits

Breakfast- eggs, sausage and toast
Lunch- kids pick and they usually choose popcorn and fresh fruit
Dinner- Tomato and basil soup and grilled cheese.

Breakfast- homemade pancakes, eggs and sausage
Lunch- eggs roll in a bowl
Dinner- chicken fajitas with a side of Mexican corn and rice

Breakfast- homemade cinnamon rolls
Lunch- free day
Dinner- Spaghetti and salad

Tips On How To Feed a Family of 10 on 100 a Week

Before you do anything shop from your pantry, fridge and freezers. Have you really ever made meals around what you already have? Start here first and use up what you have.

We try to raise our own animals, and the meat we have is from that, with the exception of chicken. We have chickens for eggs. Chicken I buy in bulk from Zaycon or I buy in bulk when it comes on sale.

We also plant a garden every year and that helps immensely towards our grocery budget. I understand that not everyone is able to do that. So I'm not including that. Something everyone can do is buy from local farmers and farmers markets. I do that as well. I bought 25lbs of squash last week for $12.50. I cooked up some for dinner and froze the rest. You can barter or offer to buy bulk to get the price down. Yes, that $12.50 was taken out of our food budget.

Make everything you can from scratch. I can't tell you enough just how much you can save. YES, it is time consuming but if I can do it moms, so can you! I use very simple reciepes, because my budget doesn't have room for any fancy ingredients. If you can't do this or are in a pinch check out the discount bread stores. You can freeze the bread and use as needed.

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Other things I make from scratch are pancakes, waffles, biscuits, Granola bars and cereal, mozzarella cheese (super easy), stocks/broths, cream of anything.

I have five gallon food grade buckets that I keep rice, beans, flour in. I buy in bulk only certain items. I ONLY buy bulk items when we have an extra week in the month. So this month I will be able to restock the staples if needed.

We buy no junk food. Just cutting out junk food saved so much on out groceries. We also drink water and milk with the exception of my husband. He drinks Dr. Pepper daily. I always look at sales ads and buy it on sale each week.

Something that has made my life so much easier is Walmart pick up and go. This had made sticking to my budget so much easier. I go online and get the items I need (after shopping the pantry and freezer). At the top of the page it shows my total for everything in my cart. So NO excuse for going over. Sometimes I can add a few items and sometimes I have to take off some things. When I delete some items I might have to go back and change the menu. If you haven't tried this, please give it a go. They offer $10 off your first order.

If possible purchase a whole or half of a cow/pig. It is a big expense but save for it. Much healthier and cheaper in the long run. Or if you can raise your own.

Learn to can or freeze any extra veggies or fruits. This is also a biggie for us. If you don't know how to can, try to learn. I can or freeze veggies and fruits every year.

I used to shop at Sams. I can't do that much now that I have such a tight budget. I might go once a month and go pick up a few items. Just all depends on my menu.

So looking back on our menu the meat is from either our animals, bought on sale or from Zaycon. We did not need to purchase any meat this week. I shopped our freezer and had enough. The veggies were purchased from a local farmer. We are eating the veggies still from last week. The blueberries for the smoothies were picked from our bushes.

We tend to eat many of the same things because we have the ingredients.

Here are some inexpensive meal ideas.

*Biscuits and Gravy
*Sunshine Skillet
*Chicken Parm
*Baked potatoes loaded
*Tomato and Basil Soup
*Chicken Mexican Chowder
*Bean burritos
*Red beans and rice
*Gumbo and Potato Salad
*One pot spaghetti
*Beef stroganoff
*Eggs roll in a bowl
*Biscuits and Gravy

I used all these tips and I came in under budget for this week. I spent $88.34. If you are a working mom, these meals can be easily made in the crockpot.

As I close this out, I want to share a little thought with you. Anything you can do to stay within your set budget, is contributing greatly to your family. Your husband works hard. You are showing him you are so thankful of his hard work, by being a good steward with the finances. You took a step by reading this, now take the steps to implement it! Even if it's baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day. You can do this!

I do know some families have special diets. We do try to buy everything on the dirty dozen list organic. I have an autoimmune disease, so if I'm making pasta and I'm eating it, I buy gluten free. If I'm not eating it, I just by organic pasta.

I hope this encourages you! Comment below if you have questions/or want recipes. Please feel free to Share this and help encourage other moms! Blessings!



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