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How to feed a large family, on a small budget 

father feeding a large family

I know the struggle of trying to feed a large family on a small budget. To make it even harder trying to eat healthy on a small budget. Here is what I do to keep within our budget for our family of 10.


First if at all possible try to raise your own cow or pig. If not you can always contact a local dairy and purchase a cow from them. We have done both of these. When we purchased a cow the dairy owner raised the cow and than brought him to the butcher. We paid him for the cow based on weight and than paid for the butchering. These two are great ways to get grass fed beef. 

If those are not availavle Zaycon is another great option. You buy in bulk and pick up at their locations spots. I have also purchased from Zaycon and had great service. 

Co-ops are a great way to get organic or bulk vegetables and fruits. Many local farms offer Co-ops or weekly baskets. 

Farmer markets. I go weekly to our local farmers markets. I go to the same farmer every week. By being a loyal customer I am able to buy more produce at a cheaper price. Ask and bargain with them. You might be surprised by how much you can say. It never hurts to try! 

Grow you own. If you can grow your own produce. You can start small and grow your vegetables in a container or go all out and have a good size garden. You can also sell any produce you end up not using. 

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Meal plan. This is a must. You really need to sit down and plan out your week. Keep it simple. When you really need to keep your budget low, keep your meals simple. Examples, breakfast- smoothies, oatmeal, eggs, homemade yogurt. Lunch- homemade lunchables, popcorn, pb&j. Dinner- chicken parm, loaded baked potato and salad,  homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese. 

Stop making those little trips to the store. This was a biggie for me. I can't go into a store for one thing. 

Those trips end up costing more and ruining your budget. Cut it out. If you don't have something and it can wait let it go until next week. 

Make as much as you can from scratch. Homemade pancakes, breads and seasonings are super simple. 

I hope these tips help you!! They have helped us to stay within our budget. 

I have some great recipes I will share in another post. So be sure to check back soon!! 

Happy Budgeting