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When You Think About Homeschooling, But Concerned You Can't Afford It

Affording Homeschooling

Are you on the fence about homeschooling, because you think you can't afford it? Below I am sharing with you my favorite free or very low cost websites to show you, you can homeschool successfully on a budget!


I will admit, when I decided homeschooling was best for our children, I went out and bought so many items. I also bought a very expensive curriculum to boot. My babies were starting kindergarten and I was all in. You know what I ended up doing? Overwhelming them. That expensive curriculum, I purchased was way to much for my children! I'm going to share with you some great FREE websites and our must have items! In hopes this will help you from making the mistakes I did! Also keep you within you budget!

First off your children are always learning. Go outside and explore the great outdoors. Visit free local attractions. Wildlife museums are inexpensive if not free. Join a local homeschooling Facebook page and ask local moms!

When I was teaching my children ro write their names, I went onto Microsoft Word and printed their names on paper. Than laminated it and had them trace it. Worked great for them all.

You don't have to set up a "school room" type environment. Kids work great when they are comfortable. Our children end up doing most of their work on the floor or couch.

Now lets talk about some budget friendly curriculums, that again is budget friendly!

Easy Peasy is a free k-12 curriculum. You can print, do the work online or if you want purchase the workbooks. Great website.

Schoolhouseteachers.com is another online full curriculum. This site isn't free but it is affordable, and you can use it for multiple children

Another full curriculum that is affordable and budget friendly is Christian Light Publications. I have used this curriculum also and my children enjoyed it. It is all workbooks, so to keep my children from boredom I added some work from the websites below.

I do daily devotionals with our children. I have really liked homeschooled-kids.com.
I also do scripture memorization. One scripture a week. Our 3 year old sits in and memorized the scriptures.
Example of one: All have sinned and come short, to the glory of God. Romans 3:23. You can find many great ideas on memorizing scriptures on Pinterest.

You can find great worksheets for free on homeschoolmath.com. I follow a full curriculum and also add extra worksheets for our children to do. Specially if I see them struggling in a certain area.

Education.com has free writing/tracing sheets. You can only download and print so many a month. What I did was printed off letters A,B and C. I worked with my preschooler for awhile on those three letters until she was able to recognize and write them. Than by that time, we were able to go print off three more letters or so.

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Progressivephonics.com is Free. Pick and book and start reading. Also i highly recommend the book How to Read in 100 easy Lessons. Many homeschooling moms have used this book and had great success with it. Remember you can always buy used!!

Last a great website, again that won't break the bank, because it is FREE is K5learning.com. This site offers a great mix of math, reading and study skills. For graded Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Now that I shared with you some great websites that ate budget friendly, I want to share with you my must haves.

First a laminator machine. I use mine all the time. It saves us so much money on paper. The kids can practice writing, spelling, math and so much more. All you do is erase and your ready to go again the next day. You can find them so inexpensively on amazon. Don't forget extra laminating sheets and dry markers/erasers.

Printer paper and ink. I go through a good bit of both of these items. To save money on ink, I have enrolled in the HP ink program. You pay a set price a month for a set amount of pages. They send you more ink before yours runs out. So you are never out of ink! All for a couple of dollars a month.

2 ring binders. I have 2 per child. I use them for the following. I have one for their current workbooks. Also in it a pencil holder and extra paper.
A second one for their work that is completed. I like to keep all there work and test papers for the year.

Lots of pencils and erasers. Oh and a good pencil sharpener!

Some sort of basket or cubby to keep all the supplies organized. I am OCD when it comes to organization. I have to have everything in its place.

Crayons, glue, and scissors. Kids love doing activities. Pinterest is a great place for ideas. Just don't go crazy, it's easy to do!

Maybe something you haven't thought of is Netflix. Netflix has some great educational shows. Leapfrog, Veggie Tales, and The Magical Schoolbus are our childrens favorites.

If you are contemplating homeschooling your child/children, it is very possible to do inexpensively. Start by getting a budget and STICK to it. Shop at the Dollar Tree and Dollar Store for the extras you might want or need. Have fun and keep it relaxing. You want them to enjoy learning!

Remember...you can homeschool successfully on a budget!! Which I'm sure your husband will appreciate!



Some other great free resources for older children are KhanAcademy.com, SchoolYourself.org, Overdrive for library books, Duolingo for foreign language. A great value on k-12 full curriculum except math is RobinsonCurriculum.com. We have used all of these and more. A reasonably priced curriculum for Catholics is Catholic Heritage at chcweb.com.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Time4Learning.com is another affordable option for PreK - 12th grade with discounts for multiple kids. It provides a full curriculum with tons of flexibility to allow you to move at your child's pace. My kids also loved this year's option to add a foreign language (9 to choose from.) From the parent side, all the resources and reports have been huge time savers! Also don't miss out on all the extras available through their Pinterest / Facebook pages. Tons of ideas for hands-on activities and fun learning games!