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17 Ways to Work From Home and Make Some Extra Income

Work From Home Opportunities

So many stay at home moms want to work and help contribute financially, while still being able to stay home and raise their children. I have composed a list of work you can do and still be home.


As the cost of living rises and taxes go up, it becomes harder to make ends meet especially on one income. As a stay at home mom, I have felt at times that I wanted to do more. But what? So I researched, and compiled a list of jobs that are flexible and great for stay at home moms. I myself have done a few of these to help bring in extra income when needed.

Before you jump into anything sit down and make a list. Ask yourself. What are your skills? What are some hobbies that you enjoy? Can that turn into some extra income? Also, are you wanting to just stay home and work strictly from there? Or would you enjoy a few hours out of the house? Build a starting point, then find what fits your wants and needs.

Jobs that allow you to stay home

Virtual Assistant

Many online bloggers and websites need assistance to help them with emailing, getting sponsors, and driving traffic to their site.

Freelance Writing

Bloggers seems to always be looking for guest writers. Guest writers bring a new and fresh perspective to their blogs. Also websites are looking for writers as well, like eMaxHealth. If you are passionate about something and enjoy writing this could be a great fit for you.


You can always open your home to a few children to watch. Check your local regulations on any licensing you may (or may not) need.

Take Surveys

I have done this and still do this. I use SwagBucks. As I'm nursing my little one, I take a few surveys and earn points. You can turn in those points and get gift cards.

Start a Blog

This will take time to start earning money. If you stay at it and keep your blog current and interesting, it could turn into a great income!

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Sell Items on Facebook

Look around your house. I'm absolutely positive you have something you're not using that you could sell.

Sell on Amazon and/or Ebay

Amazon has many different programs for sellers. They also have a buy back program. They don't pay much, but anything helps! Ebay is good for used items that are more expensive. For example; cameras and cell phones. Both sites do charge a small percentage of what you sell, so keep that in mind.


Can you sew? If "sew", this would be a good way to make some income, while doing something you enjoy.

Sell Homemade Items

Do you already make your own soap, deodorant, or cleaning supplies? If so make extra! You can sell on Facebook for free.

Baking and/or Cooking

Do you enjoy baking or cooking? You can always turn this into extra income. Be sure to price everything accordingly.

Vinyl and/or Embroidery

I'm seeing more and more items with vinyl images or monograms on them. Vinyl and embroidery are both very popular. This would have some upfront cost for supplies, if you don't have them already. But you should be able to recoup those expenses, if you work hard.

Jobs that would take you a few hours away from home

  • Avon/Mary Kay
  • Mary and Martha
  • Pampered Chef
  • Pet Sitting or Dog Walking
  • Clean Houses
  • Secret Shopper

Find what you would enjoy and do it well. Just remember, what you put in is what you get out.