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Summer Vacation is not a Burden for Children and Dreaded For Parents

Happy Summer Vacation

It happens every year. It's one of the more popular jokes amongst parents. Summer vacation is dreaded. I mean think about it: you're stuck with your kids all summer! Just about every waking moment of your life is consumed by snacks and play time. God forbid it's a rainy day! Then you have to have a movie marathon. But then the children will fight about who is picking and blah blah blah. It's enough to drive a woman mad.


The problem with this line of thinking is that it focuses on the mom. Everything becomes about you. I'm tired. I have to play cruise director. I have to be the cook. This is a serious issue. As soon as you have children, your life is not your own. Even during the school year your life is not your own.

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Get the kids up. Get them dressed. Get them fed. Take them to school. Pick them up. Dance practice, soccer practice. Then collapse on the couch for an hour before bedtime. Repeat. The moment you became a parent this is what you signed up for.

More so than that, however, it makes it seem like kids are a burden. I don't know about you, but I actually like my kids. Sure they drive me nuts sometimes, but they are mine. I love them. I love spending time with them. After all, how many summers can we get? No one knows. Soon they won't want to have us hovering over them. Soon we will be super annoying to them. So we need to enjoy the time we have with our children. It's not a curse, but a gift.