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Quick Tips to Build Muscle While Burning Fat

Building muscle while losing weight

Recently, I was reading through a Facebook debate on whether you could lose weight and build lean muscle simultaneously. It seems there is a common misconception that you have to do one before the other but I know I’m not taking time out of my morning to flop around in front of my TV, sweating to death (all while trying to keep my toddler busy) to not have visible results.


Sure, weight loss is great, but I want to see some muscle popping through. So, how do you both build muscle and lose weight?

Well it primarily comes down to how you eat. We all know that you eat less to lose weight, but what your putting INTO your body is what is going to make or break your fitness goals. So, first rule of losing weight and gaining muscle is to feed your body plenty of nutrient dense food; too few calories will work against you causing your metabolism to slow and your body to hold onto unwanted weight. Our bodies like food, food is good and starving yourself will only work against you; it isn’t sustainable in the long run.

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Tracking your caloric intake throughout the day and creating deficit of no more than 500 calories is recommended to kick your body into weight loss mode but is enough to support a healthy metabolism.

As for building muscle, an adult women needs to eat roughly a gram of protein per pound of body-weight to build lean muscle while reducing their calories for weight loss. Not eating enough protein is going to cause your body to burn through muscle right along with your fat.

In short, getting fit and toned is not going to give instant gratification, no matter how bad you want it so be patient with yourself and eat well. Also, remember the scale is a dirty liar, muscle takes up less space in your body than fat, so the scale may not be move but if you track your measurements you’ll see results that will keep you going.



That should be lose weight, not loose weight.