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15 Reasons I Chose Home Birth

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Home Birth

Giving birth is a very important process to a lot of women. It is single-handedly (in my opinion) the most empowering thing a woman does in the course of her life. Some women want choices when it comes to the labor and delivery of their children, which is why home birth is such a great option for many of us!


My (shortened) Home Birth Story

Not everyone has a wonderful home birthing experience, but I did. It has been 7 months and I am still on a “birth high” so to speak. After two boys, we were being blessed with a little girl. We were all so excited to meet her and to welcome her to the world from the comfort of our home.

My water had broken on Wednesday, November 9th, but nothing was happening. I called my midwife to let her know what was going on; that my water definitely had broken, but my labor wasn’t progressing. She told me to closely monitor my fever and any discharge I have.

So, we sat and waited to see if this little girl was ready to come out. We went for a hike. I bounced on a birth ball for what seemed like years. I ate spicy food. Everything you can think of as far as old wives’ tales go to bring on labor. Nothing. This girl was staying put.

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Thursday comes and still no labor, but no fever or signs of distress for her or myself either so we continued to wait. Friday morning rolls around and I am completely discouraged and really starting to worry about infection. My husband and I decided that if nothing had started by 5 pm that day, we would go in to the hospital to get this girl going.
My midwife and her assistant came around noon time to talk and just see where we were at. They determined that my water did indeed break and that we should do something. They decided we should try homeopathic blue cohosh and that I needed to see the chiropractor.

I took the first dose of the homeopathics at around 1 and we headed to the chiropractor. We got in to him around 2 and I still wasn’t feeling anything indicating labor was coming. We decided to go for a hike at our favorite spot that was close to the chiropractor’s office.

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I had taken another dose of the homeopathics right as we arrived at our hiking spot. It was just about 3 pm at this point. We start getting out of the car to go on our hike when out of nowhere, labor starts. And, I’m not just talking a little. I’m talking hard, time-able contractions that took my breath away.

At this point, we are a half hour from home and I tell my husband we need to get home NOW. He flies down the high way and calls our midwife on the drive home to tell her things are happening fast. We get home right around 3:25 and the midwife meets us there.

They are both working on filling my birth pool and I am in the woes of labor. I actually was in transition and didn’t even know it. I couldn’t sit and was just pacing back and forth in our apartment. I did not have a break in contractions at all. The next one would be starting before the last one was even finished.

My mom had taken our older son for a while and was dropping him off back at home with us around 3:45 because her and my stepfather were going out for dinner for Veteran’s Day. She had plans to come back right after dinner to be there for our birth. (ha, didn’t happen)

At this point, I had to do something. My pool only had about an inch or two of water in it, so I couldn’t get in there. I decided to get in the shower because the pain and pressure was so intense. I was in the shower for maybe five minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore. I got out and sat on the toilet. Now, my husband and midwife are still focused on the pool, so I’m alone in the bathroom.

I suddenly get this overwhelming urge to push so I yelled to them that I had to push. One, tiny effortless push and I was holding our baby girl. Neither one of them made it into the bathroom in time, so I was there holding her all by myself completely baffled at how fast that all just was and at the fact that I had just had my home birth I had tried for three times.

Our sweet little girl came charging in to the world at 3:55 on Veteran’s Day. Her birth is totally an indication of her sassy, take charge little personality. It still blows my mind when I write out or share this story with people, honestly!

So, why consider homebirth?

  • Well, up until the last century, home birth was the norm.
  • In low risk pregnancies, home birth is just as safe as hospital birth.
  • Less interventions at home.
  • You don’t have to worry about making it to the hospital in time!
  • Your own bed is most definitely more comfy than a hospital bed.
  • You can eat and drink as you please at home.
  • You aren’t stuck in a bed to labor. You can move body as you feel comfortable.
  • You don’t have to deliver lying on your back.
  • You aren’t restricted to a fetal monitor attached to you. Your midwife will sporadically check using a handheld fetal doppler.
  • Generally, no IV’s.
  • No need to pack (and potentially forget) anything!
  • No chance of having to share a room with another momma and her new baby.
  • No one to come in and bother you every couple hours as you’re trying to bond with your new baby.
  • No women screaming in the next room as you’re trying to labor (it happened with my first birth and scarred me for life)
  • Baby is exposed to your family germs from the second she’s born rather than the germs at the hospital.

What other reasons can you think of to deliver your babies at home?



I had both of my children at home. The experience was so transformative that I made a documentary about doctors and nurses who attend hospital birth and have their own children at home.