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10 Fun Water Play Ideas to Entertain Your Children This Summer on a Budget

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Summer Fan Ideas

Summer is my favorite time of year. Lounging around by the water is one of my favorite summer pass times. Whether it be the pool, a lake, or the beach, being around water is so relaxing. Having young children, however, is the polar-opposite of relaxing when near water. Below, you’ll find a list of frugal, fun ways to cool off without the hassle of loading the kids up to go to the beach or the pool. This list of 10 fun water play ideas is sure to make your children’s summer enjoyable while being completely budget friendly too!


Water Balloon Spoon Races
Your children will go crazy for this summer take on the traditional spoon and egg race with a refreshing twist to beat the heat!

Squirt Gun Races
What family doesn’t have a little friendly competition now and then? This fun game is sure to be a backyard hit amongst children and adults alike.

Sponge Bomb Fights
Who doesn’t have a few extra unused sponges lying around their home? Turn them into a game that will last for the summer with these awesome water bombs.

Pool Noodle Sprinkler
Every kid pretty much ever loves running through a sprinkler to cool down on those hot summer days. But, have you seen those price tags for a cheap sprinkler? No thank you. You can make one from a simple pool noodle for way less money with the same amount of fun!

Water Balloon Piñatas
Face it, piñatas are the best. A piñata made of a water balloon, that’s just amazing. You know your kids will go crazy for this one this summer!

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Pool Noodle Boats
Your children will have so much fun not only making these but helping them on their maiden voyages to set sail.

Dinosaur Excavation
Send your curious little ones to crack open these cool “dino eggs” made of ice to find a real dinosaur inside.

Water Balloon Baseball
Like regular baseball, but water balloons instead. GENIUS!

Squirt Gun Fight
Squirt gun fights are so fun except for having to go over to the hose to fill your gun every time it’s empty. Make the game so much more fun with a squirt gun refill station!

Tin Foil River
Set the pool boats from above sail on this cool foil river!

I hope you and your children really enjoy these 10 water play ideas on a budget. I am so excited to try all of these with my boys this summer.