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No One Can Deny It - Baby Wearing Dads Are Attractive

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Baby wearing dad baby tula carrier

It’s so crucial for fathers to grow that bond, especially with a very young baby and baby carrier for dads helps.


Baby wearing dads are attractive! We all know that. Baby wearing in the United States is becoming more common, but it’s still pretty rare to see fathers or any non-gestational care givers to wear babies, especially without mom by their side. In my opinion all fathers should wear their babies. It’s so crucial for them to grow that bond, especially with a very young baby.

Think about it, mothers carry the baby for nine months, and then they are also the sole provider for nutrition for at least the next 6 months. I do realize that’s not the case for all families, but it is for mine. That being said it is so important for fathers and non-gestational care givers to feel needed and bonded to that new baby of theirs and please don’t say they should bond over that stinky diaper

Baby Carrier for Dads And Benefits for Babies

This is where baby wearing comes into play, after baby eats or it your baby needs a warm body to cuddle up against pass that baby and carrier over to dad. Better yet, get dad his own carrier. Pick one that he chooses and feels most comfortable wearing. Men in general need to feel needed, especially when his new child comes into the world and I think women tend to ignore that need and turn to other women in their lives for comfort or support. It is defiantly ok to look for guidance, but please include dad in that as well.

New fathers may feel awkward or uncomfortable with the idea of baby wearing. They might say baby wearing is not cool or it’s unmanly, but actually I have noticed their hesitation has nothing to do with that. In fact, they are just more afraid than anything. Everyone feels awkward or weird they try new things such as baby wearing. There are so many carriers to choose from and the idea of it is daunting. It’s our job as women validate what they’re feeling and reassure that we have all been there.

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baby carrier for dads

This goes beyond baby wearing though. My husband has told me on countless occasions, when he is alone with our son in public people will stop him and say things like… “It’s so great to see a dad out with a baby” or “It looks like you’re on babysitting duty today” Why is it taboo to see men alone with a baby, as if they are incapable of taking care of their own child.

Dads Are Fathers, Not Baby Sitters

So please dads, rise against the stigma of being a great father, as crazy as that sounds. They are the father, not baby sitters! They are equal partners in this parenting journey, so treat them as such. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain because I bet every father who sees you baby wear are having the same thoughts, “that looks convenient” and mothers are thinking “damn, that’s attractive.”

So please, after reading this, share your pictures of baby wearing dads or non-gestational care givers. Tell us how baby wearing is impacted your significant other’s life.

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I found this blog very informative. Dad's should have that special bond. Babies love being worn so it is a very positive experience. I love wearing my grandson.