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Why I Love Being a Baseball Mom: How the Love of the Game Has Brought Us Closer Together

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Baseball mom

Every Spring, Moms throughout the country begin making plans—plans for a summer of late nights under bright lights, hours scrubbing grass stains from the knees of white pants, and scorching Saturday sunburns from too many hours on the bleachers. That’s right. It’s baseball season!


In our home, baseball excitement never really dies, but really begins amping up around Mid-February, when the big leagues begin their Spring Training. In our house, we are die-hard Royals fans, and we pass many devoted hours sitting by the AM radio, listening to the broadcasters. We excitedly follow our favorite team and players on social media for the latest news, and we anxiously await that first pitch on Opening Day.

Baseball has been a special bond for my son and I.
He came of age to really begin following the team and the players, and to be able to tolerate the deliciously slow pace of the game right as our young Kansas City Royals were getting hot on their way to their eventual back-to-back appearances in the World Series. Going to The Show in 2014 and 2015 was amazing, and I am so glad that we were able to experience those moments together.

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But baseball has given us so much more than that.
Memories of my son’s childhood are sprinkled with countless hours pitching and catching in the back yard. When he was old enough, he began playing organized ball, and he completely caught the fever! Now our memories are built around his own successes and challenges on and off the field.

Baseball is teaching my boy to become a young man.
There is no other game that requires the individual focus and discipline quite like baseball. When a young man steps up to the plate, it is he, and he alone, who must connect the bat with the ball. Because of baseball, my boy is learning how to take a pitch. He knows that it pays to have discipline, and to wait for the right pitch, instead of just swinging at whatever life throws at him. He is learning that it is OK to strike out. Sometimes, besides our best efforts, we are just going to mess up. What’s just as important as getting on base is our attitude when we don’t. Baseball is teaching my son how to deal with his emotions Not only does he have to learn to keep his cool when the ump makes a bad call, but he also has to learn to reign it in when things go right, as well. Baseball is, as they say, a gentleman’s game.

Most importantly, my son has learned that no matter what, he can search the stands for my face. I will be there, cheering him on. Always.

Thank you, baseball.